Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre
Cordially invites you for the 123rd Birth Anniversary
of our Beloved AVATAR MEHER BABA†On 25th February 2017

ďWhy is it so diffcult to find God? It is because you are looking for something you have never lost.Ē – Avatar Meher Baba


Compared with the essentials of the path, the three most unimportant things to do are to garland Me, to bow down to Me, and sing empty words of praise or perform arti. They are not necessarily the signs of Love for God.

The prayer God hears is the prayer from the heart, that raising of the heart, that suffering of the heart that is what God pays attention to. It is better not to worship if you cannot do so with your heart in it. God does not listen to the language of the tongue nor to the language of the mind. He responds to the language of the heart. The language of the heart is the song of Love for the Beloved. The Beloved can only be found within you, for His only abode is the heart.

Do not lose heart, but keep Me in your heart and remember I am always with you.

– Avatar Meher Baba

(Meher Babaís Birthday)

VENUE : Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre, Meher Hall, 3rd Floor, Navyug Nivas, Opp. Minerva Cinema, Mumbai – 400007.


4:30 am – Devotional Songs

4:55 am – Silence

5:00 am – Repetition of Godís name, Prayers and Flag Hoisting.

5:15 am – Happy Birthday Song

5:20 am – Devotional Songs

6:30 am – Aarti and Prasad


VENUE :†Y.B. Chavan Auditorium, Gen. J. Bhosle Marg, Opp Mantralaya, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021


6:00 pm †- Welcome address, Prayers and garlanding Beloved Baba.

6:15 pm – ďMeher Babaís Love for Music & ArtĒ- A play depicting Babaís deep interest in the medium of music & art. Presented by Centre members & preceeded by a short introduction on this subject by Shri Cyrus M. Khambata

8:30 pm – Felicitations & Vote of Thanks

8:45 pm – Aarti & Prasad.