Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

During this period, (September 1967) if Waman Padole was otherwise engaged, Adi Sr. would occasionally send Manek to Meherazad with letters and telegrams. Once when he came, he was holding a copy of Bhau’s Hindi arti (Aadi Sachetana) in his hand. Baba asked, “What are you holding?”

Manek told him, and Baba asked Manek to read it to him. He then instructed, “Put some pleasant music to it and bring it tomorrow.” When he returned home, Manek did so, and the next day, he sang the arti before Baba. Baba, however, did not like it and remarked, “Put a better melody to it and bring it tomorrow.” It went on like this for a number of days; Baba did not like any of his tunes. At last, Baba warned, “Manek, if you don’t find a tune I like, then never again show your face to me!”

The whole night Manek was anxious and miserable. At 2:00 A.M., he remembered a song he had heard and fitted the rhythm to Bhau’s words. When he came to Meherazad that day, he sang the song. Baba liked the melody and observed, “After I drop my body, this arti will be sung all over India.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 20, p. 6534.