Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Once a college student from Srinagar, Kashmir, named Kisan Tiku, who had been constantly writing to Baba, came for his darshan. Baba embraced him, but after some time, he asked Tiku to leave with the injunction not to come back to Guruprasad again. The young man did not stand up, but said, “I will sit a while longer, Baba, if you don’t mind.”

Baba signaled to Pukar, who immediately shouted, “Are you going or should I throw you out? If you come to Guruprasad again I will break your leg! You are an ass!” According to Baba’s signs, Pukar reprimanded Tiku vociferously, and finally Tiku was escorted out of the palace.

Ordinarily such behavior would have created an adverse reaction, but in this case Kisan Tiku, on the contrary, eventually came very close in Baba’s love. As wished by Baba, that same day Pukar personally sent him all the way back to Kashmir by train, but Baba kept his “heart” with him. He had come for darshan for the first time and was treated as no newcomer had ever been treated before. God knows what Baba was doing for Tiku.

Kisan Tiku again began writing to Baba, and during a later period of Baba’s seclusion in Meherazad when he was seeing no outsiders, Baba called him there. Tiku speedily came again from far away in Srinagar, Kashmir, and this time Baba greeted him most lovingly and took him in a warm embrace before sending him back the same day.

Observing such actions, no one can truly understand the God-Man’s play!

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, p. 5764.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

The following day, (May 1960) Baba informed some visitors, “Let your heart be pure. Do not act outwardly what you are not inwardly.

“Be absolutely honest. God is infinite honesty. Do not pose as being pious, because God is everywhere. God cannot be fooled Ė so why pose as something you are not?

“I do not want anything else from you but the gift of your obedience. Give me that and you will free yourself from the bondage of ignorance.”

On another occasion, Baba cuttingly remarked about false saints (persons who pretend to be saintly) Ė hypocrites. An abhang of the Sadguru Tukaram was read aloud, wherein Tukaram mentioned:

“The act of beating a hypocrite Ė
a man who pretends to be a saint Ė
cannot be thought of as a sin.”
Couplets of Hafiz, which pertained to such hypocrites, were also recited in Persian. One couplet of Hafiz was:

“These rogues are in a way courageous;
they try to deceive God!
However, they should be flogged!”

In response, Baba commented, “The only sin which God does not forgive is hypocrisy. The hypocrite deceives himself and others too.

“These days the hypocritical saints have increased in such numbers that, though I am the Ocean of Compassion, it has become nauseating even to me!”

He also stated, “It is no sin if one does not believe in God, but to be a hypocrite is a sin! If you have no faith, it does not matter.

“By coming to me you do not lower or raise my status. It is immaterial if you do not come to me. But when you come, if you continue being hypocritical, it displeases me. I will not be displeased if you speak against me or do not come to me. But I cannot tolerate hypocrisy because a hypocrite not only harms himself, but also disturbs the faith of others.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, pp. 5749 – 5750.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

As I’ve forewarned, the present crisis and the most critical, desperate situation of one and all of the mandali, as well as for others, is nothing but the outcome of my working. Not only do they weep, but I also have to shed tears. No one is to blame for this; it is no one’s fault. It is the result of the inner work of the Masters. This situation was necessary, and something more is to come which will be still worse. No one ever dreamed or expected such bad times would come. And it is possible that I, too, will have to suffer along with some of the mandali to the extent of being stricken ill or perhaps having to go without food or water. I may face terrible hardships at times.

Much more humiliation is probably still to come, but it is brought about by me on purpose. I am responsible for it, and it will increase to such an extent that I may be handcuffed, chained and taken to prison! Who knows what will happen!

One thing is certain: I will have to go away alone. Many of the mandali will leave me one by one. Because of the hopeless situation in Nasik, some are already leaving one after the other. All this is nobody’s fault. It is the bitter fruit of my internal work, for which I myself have to weep at times.

Chanji then asked, “If it is the result of your internal work, then why do you feel upset by it?”

Baba explained:

Because all are mine, and I am especially pained for my close mandali whose pitiable situation I have brought about. They find themselves in trouble and facing unhappy and unpleasant times because of me. It is like a father who suffers at the moment of his child’s operation. It is the father who consents to the operation and knows that it is for the child’s good, but the child’s suffering also gives the father pain. My pain is like this.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1369.

On this day, Beloved Baba underwent self-imposed suffering, along with other women mandali, by way of automobile accident in the West.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Dear Baba family,

The Bombay Centre has arranged trips to Meherabad and Meherazad in July as under :

9th Monday  to 11th Wednesday.

and 9th Monday to 13th Friday.

The cost of the trips will be Rs. 3,400 and Rs. 4,400 rersp. inclusive of lodging and board at MPR and transport by Zubin’s Royal Fleet. You will please do your own booking on¬†[email protected]

Please do write that you are travelling with the Bombay Centre. Only after you get confirmation from MPR please book for the transport at the Centre. The Centre will need your name, cell no. boarding from and the name and number of person in emergency. ICE.

If you are booking for the first timers for MPR please give the following details:

Full name including the middle name.

Postal address.

Date of Birth.

Cell no.

Name and number  of person  in emergency.

‘Silence’ time in July is like mini Amartithi and MPR especially the ladies’ wing gets filled up very fast. Book early to avoid disappointment.

We leave on the 9th morning at 6 am from Bhatia Hospital. The pick up points are Lalbaug opp. Hilla Towers, Parel Kirti Mahal, Dadar Chandu Halvai at 6.30 am, Sion after the station flyover and New Mumbai.

We do accept cheques favouring, ‘Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre’.

Please forward this to the like minded.

For contact:

Jimmy 98209 67005¬†¬†[email protected]

Bomi   97696 06179

Sam   98206 26276

In His love,




Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Do not get disheartened or alarmed when adversity, calamity or misfortunes pour upon you. Thank God, for thereby He has given you the opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude. One who has acquired the power of bearing with adversity can easily enter upon the spiritual path.

Do not become angry, but be pleased with him who backbites you, for he thereby renders service to you by diminishing the load of your sanskaras. Also, pity him for thereby he makes his load of sanskaras more burdensome.

Do not criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and a false sense of superiority. Sometimes it indicates envy or a desire for retaliation.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, pp. 2180 – 2181.†


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Baba had this discourse read on†Planes of Consciousness in the Next Incarnation:

Do persons on the spiritual planes of consciousness take birth having consciousness of the same plane? Yes, but the emergence of consciousness is very gradual, as when a person of gross consciousness dies and is reborn with consciousness of the gross world. The child gradually becomes aware, as it grows older, of the same old gross world according to past experiences of the gross. A child born with consciousness of a certain plane is not all at once conscious of the plane. The plane unfolds very gradually as the child gradually grows. Later in life this child, grown up as a man, gets established in the life of his respective plane of consciousness, as a man of the gross world gets established in his worldly life.

Thus, a person of the gross world dies to reincarnate conscious of the gross world. So also a person of the particular plane of consciousness reincarnates conscious of that respective plane of consciousness of his previous life. He may or may not make further progress in the planes of higher consciousness. Progress will depend on the help of a spiritual guide of a higher plane, or the grace of the Perfect Master, or on his own efforts in the life of that particular plane of consciousness.

As I said the other day, the gross, subtle, mental spheres and God are all in you, in your human form. Do not try to find them in some other world. They are in you. It is the vision of consciousness that gives you the experience of other worlds.

In the gross world, the whole cosmos exists; also in the subtle and the mental worlds there are innumerable experiences. But the experiences you have of the gross world are different from those in the subtle world. You yourself do not change; all is in you. You do not go to “geographically” higher levels. As the angle of vision of consciousness changes, your high experience changes.

In the end you experience yourself as God which, in the ultimate experience, is the real experience. All other experiences of the gross, subtle and mental worlds are illusion. So are all the states of heaven, hell, limbo [astral], planes, and so forth. Do not seek them anywhere but within you. Eventually to become your own Self, you have to love me. There is no other solution.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau†Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5429 – 5430.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Yes, we must do something, but something that would really make people happy Ė not the apparent passing happiness, but real lasting happiness. I will tell you both. You, Consuella, are connected with me, and she, too, has long connection with me. So I will explain this selfless work. Life is one long, endless chain of existence, and real happiness is only in loving God and being united with Him to gain everlasting happiness and peace. Therefore, the greatest service one can render to humanity is to make them feel this Reality.

There are many ways of helping people: by charity, giving food, clothes, alms, serving them personally, looking after them, working in hospitals, nursing them, et cetera; but all this is physical help. It does good to the doer, but at the same time places one under an obligation within the process of evolution.

Why? For instance, I have no food and am starving. I come to you and ask for food; you give me, I eat and am satisfied. This is very subtle. What happens is you save me from starvation, and if you feel you have done a good turn, your ego is fed, and I automatically get the mental impression of being helped, which I must repay to you in some way or the other. Consequently, sanskaras or impressions are added to you.

Karma yoga of selfless service demands two things which are very difficult to do. Help others, serve others, but in a way in which you are, not even for a moment, conscious of having helped or served them. This is possible only if you forget yourself one hundred percent and become lost in the service. That is why Masters say the only way to help human beings is not just tending to their physical needs, but to give them spiritual upliftment, making them know that the purpose of life is knowing God in perfect honesty, not by hearsay or hearing.

So you feel the need to do something for the needy, for others. Help others; that is very good indeed. But unless you know how to do it, there is always a chance of getting into a mess.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 3810.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

One day, Baba asked Professor Abdul Karim what he had eaten for breakfast and lunch. The professor enumerated a long list of items, and Baba remarked, “A delicious breakfast and lunch indeed. Now you must be feeling satisfied and happy. You have tasted so many things, but you have not tasted me! You may eat as many eatables as you like and drink as much of whatever you want, but the satisfaction you derive from that is only short-lived.

“The real enjoyment lies when a drop gulps the Ocean! One should aspire for such a drink! What can make this possible? Continual wholehearted remembrance of God. The alternative is my grace.

“This is not a matter of just whitewashing the mind, but the mind itself has to be washed away Ė annihilated. Love alone can accomplish this.”

Lord Meher American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, p. 5751.

Mehera, Baba’s beloved, merged in Him this day in the year 1989.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Love burns the lover; devotion burns the Beloved.

Love seeks happiness for the Beloved; devotion seeks blessings from the Beloved.

Love seeks to shoulder the burden of the Beloved; devotion throws the burden on the Beloved.

Love gives; devotion asks.

Love is silent and sublime, devoid of outward expressions; devotion expresses itself outwardly.

Love does not require the presence of the Beloved in order to love; devotion demands the presence of the Beloved to express affection for the Beloved.

Baba commented, “I have explained the origin of this discourse. It was given for Harry Kenmore in India after he had heard the devotees saying they did not know how to love God.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau†Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5405.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

The subject of the mind’s†false ego†came up again when L. Neurgaonkar, an engineer of the Poona municipality, saw Baba. He was a learned and religious man, and Baba explained to him:

You have read much of spiritual literature. You are well-known for your lucid expositions. Spiritual understanding takes one nearer the path. But remember well that the experience of the path is quite a different subject. The higher states of consciousness can never be imagined through book-knowledge.

As one traverses the Spiritual Path, one comes across varied experiences such as visions, sweet notes of sounds and delightful scents. In the more advanced state, one can be detached from the physical plane and watch his body moving about.

The many experiences that one has on the path are not lasting, but the Experience in which one becomes what he really IS is perennial. Then, in whatever thoughts or actions such a one may seem to be engaged, Maya cannot touch him. In that state, everything is experienced in its infinite intensity. How can spiritual understanding derived from books imagine this state? Intellect is bound to fail to fathom this Experience.

God is everlasting. God ever was. What does this mean? You may say that billions and trillions of years ago GOD WAS. But how far will you take a backward sweep in the span of time? The result will ever be that God was ever before the time you can imagine. How can you succeed to bring God, Who is beyond time, into the bounds of time? To experience the timeless experience of being God the Infinite, patience and impatience are necessary. How can this be achieved? The first step toward this achievement can be taken by having an ardent aspiration to become like the dust at the feet of the Perfect Master. The more lightweight you become, the higher you get wafted by the ever-blowing breeze of his compassion.

Pointing to Pukar, Baba remarked:


Here is a fat, heavy person. Suppose he wants to fly high in the air Ė not in an airplane. I am only giving a simile. What should he do? What should he become? If he becomes light, like a dry leaf, then just a breeze is enough to lift him high up in the air. Owing to ego, your life becomes infinitely heavy and bulky. Ego is the obstacle.

This false ego of the mind must be effaced. But it is almost impossible. Removal of the false ego is the end of separate existence.

Ego generally expresses itself as pride. So a man says: “I alone did that work Ö It is only I who could do that work that way.” Pride nourishes the ego.


The other aspect of the ego is still more subtle. It is connected with your so-called inalienable identification with the body and mind. You feel that it is perfectly natural for you to say: “I am so-and-so. I see, I touch, I smell, I speak, I taste, I dream, I sleep, I am awake,” et cetera. To have the Real Experience, the false ego has to be transformed into the Real “I.”

This is not easy. In this process the false ego, with all its subtlety, wages guerrilla warfare. It tries to deceive one at every step. Keeping company of saints and masters is the remedy. The hard shell of the ego becomes softer and softer in their company, and one becomes courageous enough to face one’s own weaknesses.

By leading a fearless and honest life, hypocrisy gradually gets weakened. When the heart becomes absolutely clean with honesty, hypocrisy is completely wiped off. This is a very long process, not only in terms of years but in terms of lifetimes Ė reincarnations.

When the false ego is effaced, God manifests and plurality is merged in unity forever. This is the Real Experience. If such a One lives among man as Man and leads a life of God, he is called a Sadguru. He brings Unity into plurality. Try to get a glimpse of the Perfect Master’s infinitude within you. And for this, you have to leave all and follow him alone in the manner he decides for you.

Such dedication is not so easy. Mind stands in your way. It says: “What a hasty decision! Is it good to surrender to the Master? Are you sure that he is the Real One? What are his credentials? He may be a fake.”

Then the heart steps in and says: “Do you not feel yourself to be a changed person in his company? Is such a loving and calm atmosphere experienced elsewhere? Is he not the One whom you were seeking?”

Thus the conflict between the mind and the heart goes on. Particularly when you are away from the Master, the mind begins to play its tricks more powerfully, and the voice of the heart becomes feeble. That is why it is difficult to have unswerving faith in the Master, and still more difficult to become dust at his feet.

Unless I help you, you cannot surrender. The moment your surrender is complete, my grace descends and then, in less than a fraction of a second, the goal of becoming consciously infinite or infinitely conscious is realized.

Tukaram was a Perfect Master. In one of his†abhangs†(verses of song) he has said:

“The Master, by his grace,
can make the disciple like himself in no time.”

Here, someone may ask: “Why is there this long period of tests and trials? Why the delay in bestowing grace?” On the part of the Master, there is actually no delay. His is the state beyond time. In relation to the creation, only the present moment exists for him. To the illusion-bound beings, Tukaram has also said the following:

“Unless and until the opportune moment arrives,
undue haste is of no avail.”

So ages and ages have to roll on for the arrival of that opportune moment when, by the Master’s grace, one is established in Reality as the Reality of God.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau†Kalchuri, Vol. 17, pp. 5744 – 5747.