Cyrus Daily Messages

On April 12th, (1958) Baba dictated this message for those lovers attending his upcoming sahavas in America and Australia:

I am coming to America and Australia solely to give my sahavas to my lovers, and I want each of you to come with the longing to receive just that. Above all, I want this sahavas to be a close companionship between your Beloved and his lovers. If you wish to maintain this unique relationship, then do not come with questions or the desire to seek discourses and explanations. Come with the preparedness to receive fully whatever I give you, with the thought of being completely resigned to my will.

My suffering is daily becoming more intense, and my health is daily growing worse, but my physical body continues to bear the burden of it all. Despite it all, I will hold the sahavas. I expect from you a deep understanding of my self-imposed suffering which is begotten of my compassion and love for mankind. Also understand, therefore, that I will not undergo medical examinations or treatment for my injured hip either in America or Australia. No doctor or treatment will be of any help before the pain I am undergoing has served its purpose. Remember that my coming is entirely to give my sahavas to you all.

This sahavas will be unique in the sense that you will witness and share my present universal suffering by being near me as my fortunate companions – being with the Ancient One who will, at the same time, be completely on the human level with you. It will be helpful to all those participating in the sahavas to know of the often repeated hint I have given to those living with me – reminding them of my Declaration, wherein I stated that my glorification will follow my humiliation, and pointing out that this period of my sahavas will fall within the orbit of my universal suffering and helplessness.

A similar circular was sent out prior to the Meherabad sahavas in February. My devotees who came with love and resignation to my will had the utmost happiness of receiving far and above what they expected. Likewise, with you all, I may give you more, much more than you expect – or maybe nothing, and that nothing may prove everything. So I say come with open hearts to receive much or nothing from your Divine Beloved. Come prepared to receive not so much of my words, but of my silence. My love to you each and all.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5376.

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