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One afternoon (April 1923) Baba walked on the veranda and saw Slamson, Padri and another one of the men casually talking with the keeper of the Shiva temple. He immediately sent someone to inquire as to what they were doing by that temple and what they were discussing. The three men went to Baba and explained that they were simply passing the time talking about God, religion and spirituality.

“Very good!” exclaimed Baba. “All right. Now, the three of you, take your baggage and get out! Go and make that man your Guru! From this moment on, I am not your Guru! Our connections are severed!”

Baba was extremely angry, and the three culprits stood before him frightened, pleading to be forgiven. They promised they would not do it again.

“You heard me, get out of my sight!” he shouted. With a disgusted look he said, “You act like fools! You have left your homes and dear ones to join me. You have now lived with me for more than a year. If you are following me, you are to do as I tell you.

“Why did you go to that temple? Never, never go to anybody else! He will mislead you!” Then he repeated, “You want to follow me, don’t you? Then why did you go there? Suppose that man gave some explanation, or some kind of advice, or an order contrary to mine – which would you follow?” They kept quiet.

Baba then exhorted them, “You have made me your Master. In turn, I’ve promised you I will never let you sink.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, p. 503.

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