Cyrus Daily Messages

Kohiyar Satarawala was to manage Shapoor Hall as a guest house after Baba’s departure. One day, Baba asked him why he had not hung a picture of Baba in the reception office and placed some of Baba’s books and literature there. Kohiyar had been doing so at other places he managed, but was reluctant to do so again after he saw one of the guests use a Baba pamphlet to clean up her infant child’s “accident.”

Kohiyar explained, “After I saw your literature being used as toilet paper, I decided it was useless to put your literature or picture in public places.”

Baba replied, “Why get upset over these petty things? A time will come when you will see my pictures in the filthiest places, in back alleys even. It will be on stamps badly defaced, on matchboxes, and on the labels of cheap brands of food. So why be disturbed? I also live in the filthiest of places and am in the filthiest of things.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5374.

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