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One day, (in April 1940) on the veranda of their bungalow in Amboli, Arnavaz, Nargis, Silla, Katie and others were playing cards, when Baba unexpectedly showed up. He was displeased, and castigated them, “If people see you, they will say that Meher Baba’s followers do nothing but play cards all day! We are in a new town, and just think for a moment what ill effect your card playing would have on a casual observer. Don’t you donkey-heads feel ashamed? Although I have no objection to it, I have to see to the minutest of things so that bad consequences do not follow.”So, the women stopped playing the card game and began eating their lunch on the veranda. Again, Baba came and reproved them for not going inside. He ended by remarking, “Margaret will dance on her return to England, and Arnavaz on her return to Bombay. But here, in my ashram, you have to act according to my wish.” From such small incidents, Baba was emphasizing to them the importance of obedience.

By scolding them, he was breaking down their egos,
and thereby lightening their load on the path, so that
they could progress on it humbly, without stumbling.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, 2550 – 2551

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