Cyrus Daily Messages

When the Hindu mandali were singing bhajans in front of the Jhopdi on Sunday morning, May 11th, (1924) Baba interrupted them and abruptly asked, “Do you all use a lantern while going out at night?” Receiving a negative answer, he upbraided them: “What is the use of your bhajans when you do not follow my instructions? What do you expect to gain by singing devotional songs? Obedience to my orders is the only real bhajan – devotion. Only if you obey me will your bhajans have any meaning!”

Baba then called the rest of the men and inquired if they carried lanterns at night when they went to the urinal. After upbraiding some, all promised to follow his behests. At that time, there were numerous dens of cobras and adders hidden in the fields of Meherabad, and Baba often warned the mandali to be very careful about the deadly snakes. It was his strict order that everyone had to carry a lantern when going out in the dark night. Padri was in charge of the medicines, and Baba instructed him: “If someone is bitten by a snake, tie a tight bandage around the bite. The wound should be cut open and filled with potassium permanganate, then the victim should be sent to the Ahmednagar hospital with four of the mandali. If anyone is stung by a scorpion, Ardeshir should be consulted and he will treat the person.”

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, pp. 634 – 635.

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