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Baba did not seem happy in Rishikesh and left by train for Quetta. On May 16th, (1929) while discussing some points with Chanji at the town of Rohri, Baba suddenly fell ill. He could not rest and had frequent loose bowel movements.

The month of May is extremely hot in India. The railway compartment was overcrowded and stifling. Baba got down at Rohri station at 11:45 P.M. and stood motionless on the platform for a while. He complained of heart pain and appeared ghastly pale. Restlessness overcame him;one moment he would want to sit down and the next he would get up. They spent the night on the open railway platform since the waiting room was crowded, but the noise at the train station was so bothersome, they left and sought shelter in a dharmashala.

The next day, Baba looked just as ill and the mandali were worried about his condition. Instead of asking for something for relief, Baba instructed them to sightsee through the town. Not one man liked leaving Baba in this critical condition. They were completely taken aback by his strange order. Their feelings were hurt and they ached to ease Baba’s suffering.

Seeing their reaction, Baba remarked, “Always remember to stay above your heart’s sentiments and wishes that are contrary to my orders. I have to shatter your minds and hearts to pieces! The greatest service is to obey me. Compared to my orders, your thoughts and emotions are nothing. You cannot serve me if you fail to carry out my words; you can only cause me greater pain.”

Reluctantly, the mandali went to the riverside to survey the sights and bathe. After bathing in the stream, they returned…

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 1157.

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