Cyrus Daily Messages

After lunch on May 19th (1937) in Nasik, Baba offered mangoes to some of the group. Some declined, saying their stomachs were too upset to eat a mango. Baba did not like this and spelled out:

What does not come spontaneously never comes! How many of you refused, how many of you hesitated, when I offered you the mangoes? In truth, there are many ways of testing faith and love. Love always seeks the will, happiness, pleasure and commands of the Beloved – always. Love never thinks of itself; that is love and that is God. God gives eternally. Love also gives; the lover never expects.

I had first intended to give you the rotten mangoes! But I knew that not one of you would have willingly taken them. And yet you all talk of dying for God! Be honest. When you say you love me – do love me.

Don’t you remember the story I told you of Ramdas and Kalyan; how Kalyan sucked the mango tied to Ramdas’ knee thinking it to be poison? This is love: to be ready to die for the love of the Beloved – for the happiness of the Beloved.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, pp. 2182 – 2183.

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