Cyrus Daily Messages

May is the middle of summer in India. Due to the extreme heat, the group with Baba would rise at 2 A.M. and start travelling long before dawn. They reached Nagpur at 11 A.M. and stayed at the Gorewala Guest House. India’s heat is scorchingly hot. In Nagpur, it was so hot that the women would wear wet clothing; but the clothes would dry on them within five minutes!

Baba and the women arrived in Khuldabad via Bandnera and Khamgaon on May 17th, at 10:30 P.M. After they had settled in at the Khuldabad Guest House, Baba pointed out a hill and remarked, “Sai Baba spent his youth here and was God-Realized at a nearby cave.” They went to see the ancient Hindu and Buddhist Ellora caves the next morning at seven o’clock.

On May 19th, (1939) Baba went to Aurangabad with Kaka Baria. In Aurangabad, Baba brought a high mast named Mai Bap back to Khuldabad with him. It was observed that when Baba lovingly passed his hand over the man and patted his back, the mast cried out, “There is intense burning! … You have set me on fire! … I’m on fire!” Baba calmed him; then he bathed and fed him. Later that same evening, before the mast was driven back to Aurangabad in Elizabeth’s car, Kaka asked him where he had been. The mast replied, “I have come to Allah’s darbar – the court of God – and have eaten my food at his palace.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2421.

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