Cyrus Daily Messages

THE AUSTRALIAN GROUP was called to the meeting room at 9:00 A.M. on the last day of the sahavas, June 6th.(1958). Baba asked for chalk and directed Eruch to draw three circles on the floor representing the gross, subtle and mental worlds. Baba used a hat to represent the false “I” and then began to explain:

Your Real “I” within is playing the part of false “I.” For example, your Real “I” has falseness attached to it. Take for example Francis. Francis’ Real “I” has falseness attached to it. Gross, subtle, mental worlds and God are all in Francis. Francis’s Real “I” is playing the part of the false “I.” He can see only the gross world. The Real “I” sees backwards. Thus, a step backwards (opposite direction to seeing) is really a step forward. A fifth plane wali takes Francis through to (2) from (1). In the subtle world, many planes are seen, but all are really illusion, such as beautiful music, lights, scents, and so forth. A sixth plane pir or saint takes Francis to the mental world; here the direction of seeing is reversed, and Infinite God is seen. On the sixth plane, Francis sees God but does not know he is God. In moving from gross to the subtle to the mental world, full consciousness is kept. The Perfect Master removes all falseness from the Real “I” (at this point Baba whisked away the hat), leaving only the Real “I.”

The Real “I” becomes one with Infinity. When the false “I” is removed, individuality is given. The Real “I” says: “I am God.” But, in effect, all individualities are one. Three Perfect Masters all say: “I am God,” thus showing individuality, yet all are in God. The Perfect Master is the Individualized Ocean, and the Avatar is the Oceanized Individuality. It is the Avatar who knows fully that he is in all and all are in him.


Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 6469 – 6470.

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