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he next morning, Baba was in the assembly hall at 7:30 A.M., Sunday, June 9th. (1963). After giving darshan to those who had come, including Dharmarao from Andhra, a musician played the sitar. Baba liked the music very much. Mohan-Saigal sang ghazals, which Baba explained:

The lover tells the Beloved: “While passing by, if you would just cast a glance at me, my destiny would be changed.” The lover whose heart has stopped with the pangs of separation tells his Beloved: “O my merciful Beloved! You have come too late!”

Don’t look with revulsion on one gone mad in his love of God. It is his love that makes his Beloved appear in all his glory. The lover tells the Beloved: “I have been hearing for ages that you are very glorious, but my eyes have not yet seen your glory. So my complaint is not with my ears, but with my eyes.”

The lover complains to the Beloved: “There is only one defect in your heart, and that is that you are indifferent to my love!”

The lover says: “If it were in my fortune to become One with you, it would be unfortunate, for then I would merge in you and would no more have the sweetness of pain in longing for you!”

The lover in his agony cries out: “If your arrow of love would have pierced my heart through and through, it would have relieved me of my suffering.”

The lover says: “To die once is easy. But I die and live for you every moment! At last my heart became so restless that my Beloved had to respond.'”

The lover in his heart of hearts knows that the Beloved will not meet him and so he says: “I know you will not fulfill your promise. But your promise to meet me tomorrow makes me so happy that I feel I have already met you!”

Jigar says: “When I put my heart at the feet of the Beloved, my restlessness of ages came to an end.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, pp. 6198 – 6199.

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