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On June 28th, (1926) a Hindu devotee, who was in the habit of performing various religious rituals, came to see Baba. He wanted to marry and was anxious to have the Master’s encouragement. But Baba did not approve, explaining, “For you, marriage would be a great stumbling block in the path to God-Realization. But for you to have connection with a woman out of marriage would be the worst thing imaginable; yet, even marriage will turn out to be a hindrance and a barrier in the path.”

Baba did not encourage him to marry as he had hoped. On other occasions, however, Baba would recommend that certain persons marry.

Later, while explaining about the inevitable Realization of his circle, Baba stated:

If I wished, I could give Realization to the members of my circle immediately. But giving this experience abruptly does not enable them to come down for duty. And then who would do it? Suppose you give Realization to your hand and then, mystified, it stops working as before. What would do its work? This is why Sadgurus always prepare their circle members gradually and what is being done is unknown to them – taking them up for Realization.
When someone mentioned doing yoga, Baba remarked:

For you, no yoga and no bhoga! No spiritual exercise and no worldly enjoyment! All at once and quite in the dark, completely unknown to you, you are being taken up!

What the Sadguru does for the members of his circle is to weaken and clear away their intellects and egos gradually, establishing a permanence to their eventual annihilation. He allows the minds of his circle members to remain because the Sadguru’s working is continuously going on behind their minds.
Baba then distinguished between Mayaand sanskaras:
Suppose you are assailed by anger, lust and greed or any bad emotion or feeling. This is Maya’s work. But suppose you feel hungry, thirsty or sleepy, which is due to sanskaras. If you eat, drink and engage in innocent enjoyment, it is not wrong because these are necessary to life. But if you become overpowered with any bad attacks from Maya, then you have to drive them away, saying, “Go away! Get the hell out! There is nothing for you here.”

During this discourse a worker named Shankar entered and Baba joked with him, “Shankar, turn into kankar (stone) so that you may remain unaffected by the wiles of that witch Maya!”

Baba then added, “A stone may be worshiped with flowers or it may be smeared with mud, but it remains unaffected. Remember, the real yogi is he whom nothing of the world can touch; he remains unconcerned and unaffected in all surroundings and circumstances.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 818-819.

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