Cyrus Daily Messages

Later that day (July 1952) when the Monday Night Group assembled, Baba explained about bliss:

Bliss is the goal of life. That bliss is continuous, changeless, eternal and divine. That bliss has in it power, love, knowledge and infinite wisdom, and God is all this in one.

The Indian term “ananda,” which means happiness, has seven stages. The seventh ananda is called Paramananda – the Bliss of God – which, when attained, gives one everlasting existence in God.

Today I feel happy, but this happiness is personal. To see you who love me so much makes me feel very happy and touched at heart. Norina and Elizabeth have worked for me all these years and they love me with all their hearts. It was they who made it possible for me to come over here this time. Today their physical presence is not here, but they are in my heart very precious, very sacred.

The only thing that I want to lay stress on is that the time is very near when all will cry out for God. From November 15th begins my Fiery Life, which has been circularized throughout India. If, God willing, I physically survive this Fiery Life, I shall come back definitely to America in July 1953. That is certain. If this Fiery Life makes me give up my body, God will make me come back on earth after about seven hundred years.

Baba turned to Mildred Kyle, and caressing her gently under the chin stated, “Mildred, maybe you will be with me then,” to which she replied, “Gladly, Baba.”

“All I want to say,” Baba concluded, “is that the aim of all life, since the beginningless beginning to the endless end, is to love God and be One with Him. I give you all my love, that love which, by the grace of God, will make you love Him as He ought to be loved.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 3875.

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