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Baba left Kathgodam on July 22nd, (1942) and went to Bareilly, where he again contacted the saint Bashir Mian.

He reached Najibabad at 6:15 P.M., and went from there to the small village of Sahanpur some distance away in a tonga. The tonga had to wade through a flooded river, and their seats and clothes got drenched. Baba changed into some of Adi’s clothes until his own dried. All Baba’s strenuous efforts were well spent, for in Sahanpur, Baba found a young mast of thirty years old called Ghani Baba.

The mast’s parents confronted Baba, complaining they believed their son had gone “insane,” and were terribly distraught about his condition. Baba calmed them, explaining to them that their son was, in fact, spiritually advanced, and not insane. He blessed the mast’s parents, reassuring them that they were fortunate to have such a saintly son.

Returning exhausted to Najibabad the same night, they slept on a railway station platform.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p 2809.

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