Cyrus Daily Messages

From Friday morning, July 21st, (1967) Baba began his “serious seclusion work” with Kaikobad every morning for three hours inside Mandali Hall. The doors and windows were kept tightly shut, and not the slightest sound was permitted – so much so that even the birds were gently driven away so their chirping might not disturb Baba. Inside the hall, Kaikobad would stand on a stool and continuously repeat the following seven names of God:

“Ya Yezdan, Ahuramazda,

Allah, Ishwar, Paramatma,

God Almighty, Parvardigar!”

With his every repetition of the name of God, Baba would bend down and touch Kaikobad’s feet. This went on hundreds of times. Bhau was on guard outside, and complete silence reigned in Meherazad during this work of Baba’s.

The first to greet Baba every morning was a multi-breed puppy who had wandered into Meherazad from Pimpalgaon village one day half-starved seeking food. Baba had indicated the mongrel pup should be kept and named it “Rammu.” The pup had arrived quite skinny but because of Mehera and Meheru’s care, and Baba’s habit of overfeeding pets, Rammu soon filled out.

As soon as Goher would blow the whistle summoning the garden boys with the lift-chair for Baba, Rammu would wait for him by the door of the hall. After Baba’s seclusion work with Kaikobad was done, the doors and windows would be reopened. The first thing Baba would do was to give Rammu a piece of bread. Mehera had trained the dog to jump over a stick. Every day the mandali would hold a stick in front of Baba. Baba would hold a piece of bread on one side, and Rammu would jump over it, winning the treat from Baba’s hands. Playing with the dog was a humorous and pleasant relaxed time for Baba after his strenuous seclusion work.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 20, p.6524.

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