Cyrus Daily Messages

(July 1952) During Baba’s visit to New York, many of the Sufis came in his close contact, including Lud Dimpfl and his family, and Joseph Hamad Harb, age fifty-eight, originally from Lebanon.

MEHER BABA also gave his touch to others, such as Jean Adriel (who, because she had been ill, had not been able to come to Myrtle Beach), Barbara Mahon, Beryl Williams, Evelyn Blackshaw and Annarosa Karrasch. Dr. Audrey Kargere, who first heard of Baba through Norina in the late 1940s in New York, came with her fiancée, Prince Robert Von Brancovan.

One ninety-year-old woman who met Baba in New York was Mildred Kyle. She first heard of Baba through her good friend Nadine Tolstoy, who had shown Mildred’s picture to Baba one day in India. Baba took it and spelled on the board, “A great soul,” and then placed the picture in his pocket. Mildred, or “Mother Kyle” as she was known, had been waiting for Baba to come to the West coast. But after Ivy informed her of the accident, she flew to New York with a friend, afraid she would not live long enough to get a second chance to meet Baba. Referring to her age, Baba remarked to her tenderly, “I too am old, older than the earth. I am the oldest of the old. I am the Ancient One!” Mildred had been president of her Theosophy Lodge for almost forty years, but she fully accepted Meher Baba as the Avatar.

Lord Meher, 1Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 3874.

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