Cyrus Daily Messages

On August 11th, (1938) an old villager was brought by force to Meherabad by Dada Patil. The man had a bullock cart, which Pendu had hired to bring materials to Meherabad, but he was caught with some wooden planks he had stolen from the stockpile on the Hill. Baba had come to lower Meherabad that day, and the villager was brought before him. Baba was to punish him. But what was Baba’s justice? Padri or Pendu would have whipped any thief. Baba sentenced him to go to every house in the village with the stolen planks on his head, and to tell all that he had stolen this property from Meher Baba! Dada Patil was to follow him and make sure he did it at every house, and then report back to Baba. The old man asked forgiveness and said he would do as Baba ordered, but begged not to have to carry the heavy planks on his head. Baba relented.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2305.

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