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For a long time now Baba had stopped his lovers and mandali from touching his feet, and also from offering salutation with folded hands. Every man was aware of it and was obedient to his wishes. On August 18th,(1949) however, Ali Akbar (Aloba), who was sitting by Baba’s chair, silently and quickly touched Baba’s feet. No one noticed, but suddenly Baba became very grave. The mandali sat silent. Without expressing any displeasure, Baba gestured to Aloba to stand before him without moving. Baba got up from his chair, approached him and bent over to touch his feet. Aloba shrieked loudly and jumped into the air. To save him from falling on the stone flooring of the hall, some of the mandali leapt up to catch him. He landed on and injured Baba’s hand. Without drawing attention to his hand, Baba motioned to Aloba to be obedient and stand still. Finally, with Aloba sobbing, Baba touched his feet.

It was then discovered that Aloba’s full weight had fallen on the fingers of Baba’s right hand. Although first aid was administered on the spot and treatment was subsequently given by Nilu and Donkin, Baba had to carry his hand in a sling for several days. His fingers became swollen, and at nights he experienced throbbing pain. It became increasingly difficult for Baba to “speak” through the alphabet board, because it was difficult for him to move his fingers, and only by painful efforts was he able to sign documents.

But later that same day, Baba pardoned Aloba, urging him to forget the incident and not to blame himself for his reaction. Addressing Aloba, he stated, “Carrying out my orders was the all-important thing. Compared to that there was no importance at all to my falling at your feet.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10, pp. 3394 – 3395.

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