Cyrus Daily Messages

On August 24th, (1932) Baba rode a donkey to the pyramids and Sphinx in Gizeh, and also visited the local zoo. In Cairo, Baba revealed to Kaka and Chanji, “The Coptic Church contains a cave where Mary and Joseph stayed after fleeing Herod. The reason I came to Egypt is to visit this church.”

Led by Baba, they visited the Coptic Church the next day. Baba’s face was radiant with joy as he walked through the church, as if he was reliving his memories as Jesus. “This is my dear old place,” he recalled and indicated that Jesus had also come and stayed here with his apostles. Baba climbed down to the small, dark room of the cave. The church warden did not want to open it, but Baba insisted and he finally agreed. They were told that the church had been erected over the cave nine hundred and thirty years after Christ.

Afterward Baba visited the Egyptian museum that housed the remains of the pharaohs, the citadel and Islamic mosques of the sultans in Cairo.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 5, p. 1705.

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