Cyrus Daily Messages

On August 25th, (1931) Baba executed a bond in the commissioner’s office in Karachi and, with a grim expression, signed M. S. Irani to the bond. The British government had unknowingly dug its own grave and their rule in India started to topple as a result.

In Karachi, Chanji booked berths on a ship bound for Europe. Soon after, however, Baba instructed him to cancel it and book cabins on the S. S. Rajputana instead. It was difficult on such short notice for Chanji to obtain a refund and tickets for a different ship, and he wondered why this last minute change was necessary; Jamshed Mehta, too, was at a loss to understand it.

In September, a Round Table Conference was scheduled to take place in London about India’s independence, and it was still uncertain whether Mahatma Gandhi would attend. At the last moment, he agreed and, when it was announced that he would be sailing to England on the S. S. Rajputana, Chanji and Jamshed Mehta grasped the significance of Baba’s earlier comments. Mahatma Gandhi told newspaper reporters, “I must go to London with God as my only guide.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1380.

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