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Baba had originally announced his intention of continuing the present tour to the north, contacting masts in the Himalayas, but his health was deteriorating. He felt extremely fatigued and strained after the long hours of giving darshan in Surat and being continually on the move looking for masts in Gujarat. Moreover, the extreme heat of Baroda and Ahmedabad had a severe ill-effect upon his health. Baba therefore decided to return to Pimpalgaon rather than continue the tour. On September 29th, Baba and the mandali descended Mount Abu, and after contacting a few masts in the town of Abu Road, boarded a train to Ahmednagar.

On the way back, Baba and the men alighted at a station where they had to change trains. Baba was tired, unshaven, his clothes were dirty, and he felt uncomfortable. He took a seat on the platform and, by hand signs, began giving instructions to the mandali about future work.

Observing Baba’s gestures, a person walked up and asked one of them, “Has he been dumb from birth?”

Eruch, who was also exhausted, said in exasperation, “Please do not bother us. Go away.”

The man replied, “I have come to help you, not to trouble you. There is a shrine in this town. If you take him there perhaps he will be able to speak. Many ill persons have benefited by pilgrimage there.”

“We are not seeking any cure,” said Eruch. “For God’s sake, leave us in peace.”

Shortly, a crowd gathered and began talking among themselves: “What a beautiful face! What radiance! The poor man has been speechless since childhood. Why doesn’t he go to the tomb? He will surely be helped.”

Another man stepped forward and told Eruch, “Listen to us; take him to the shrine. You will not regret it. I assure you it will be to his benefit.”

Eruch protested, “We have to catch the train and …”

“You still have time,” the man assured them. “The shrine is very near; you will be back in time.”

Baba gestured to Eruch, “It is better we go to the shrine to get rid of them once and for all.”

So Eruch asked, “Where is this shrine?”

“We’ll come with you and show you,” they volunteered.

“Please, kindly just show us the way; we do not want you to come with us,” Eruch pleaded.

On their giving the address, Baba proceeded toward the dargah (Muslim shrine) with Eruch and Pendu, leaving Baidul on the platform to guard the luggage. The crowd was gratified.

He who speaks innumerable languages
through innumerable tongues was paying homage
to the shrine to regain his speech.
What a divine pretext!

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, pp. 3196 – 3197.

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