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On that Sunday, September 7th, ​(1937) ​Baba explained to the Western group about individual natures:

For me all are equal. Universally, I love everyone equally. However, individually it is a different story. I do not love the cook as deeply as I love you all. Why? Not because she is a cook and you are above her, but because you love me more than others. You are prepared to do anything for me. Delia gave up everything for me! Her brothers and parents did not like or approve of her idea of going to India, yet she did it for me.

This is all very good, but when it comes to individual natures there are big differences. There are some who like a quiet ashram life of solitude, silence and meditation, and there are others who prefer a life of action and gaiety. Personally, I like the second type – but for my work, the first type! So, I have to tolerate both kinds.

I expect cooperation and help from you, but at all times every one of you is so obstinate that it spoils my work! Try to adjust to all circumstances and conditions.

Be natural! Do not change your nature of gaiety, but do not show displeasure or criticize others who are different in nature. You can keep only one Beloved in your hearts, although you can and may keep many in your mind.

So [pointing to himself], keep this one Beloved in your hearts and find me in every other heart! You cannot hate this one or that one if you try to see me in every heart. Then automatically unity and harmony will be established.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2216.

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