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(October 1928) Baba visited Gangapur Falls, and on the way he pointed out a small village called Gavalwadi and remarked, “This is the village where Upasni Maharaj often used to go. He used to collect cow dung here and take it on his head to Nasik to sell. On top of the adjoining mountain is Bhorgad Hill where Maharaj as a young man passed one full year alone in a cave, living only on water.” Baba also pointed out a cave where he and Maharaj used to meet.

While on the way to Nasik, the car was stopped briefly near the tomb of Bapu Saheb in Ahmednagar. Many of the local people believed Bapu Saheb to be a saint; however, Baba revealed, “Bapu Saheb was perfect (God-Realized), but he was a majzoob and not a salik.”

Within a few minutes, on their way to Akbar Press to have lunch before proceeding to Nasik, another car passed them from the opposite direction, noticeably slowing down for a few moments before continuing on. To the amazement of the mandali, seated in the car was none other than Hazrat Babajan.

This was not the only coincidental meeting of the two Masters during this trip. On his return to Ahmednagar two days later on October 5th, Baba again stopped at Nusserwan Satha’s. A special room had been kept at Akbar Press for Baba to rest, and he went there while the mandali had their meal. Within moments, Baba came out into the compound and sat on the veranda by himself. Thinking that the Master was sitting in solitude for his special work, the mandali and devotees purposely kept silent and at a distance. Again to their utter surprise, they saw a car drive up with Babajan inside and stop on the road exactly opposite to where he was seated. Meher Baba’s face looked wonderfully joyful. There was an exchange of glances between the two Masters which signified some mysterious message between them. After only a few minutes, the car with Babajan drove off.

This was the second meeting between Babajan and Meher Baba. Asked about the significance of these meetings, Baba cryptically replied, “Babajan met me today for the second time. It means that I am now free.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 1100 – 1101.

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