Cyrus Daily Messages

The next morning, October 24th, (1960) after the usual inquiry about each one’s health, Baba advised Harry Kenmore: “During your stay here this time, I have told you many things, cleared many doubts, made up poems for you, had phonograph sessions for you, et cetera. Besides, you have read many of my discourses and also God Speaks.  Now comes the new book, Stay with God.  All this reading and hearing is more than enough food for your mind.

“Some of the discourses of other saints and Perfect Masters are likely to confuse you by their contrary statements. For example, it is said that Muhammad and Christ declared there is no reincarnation; and it is said that Krishna and Buddha declared there is reincarnation. Now, whom should you believe?

“So, take my advice and accept God Speaks  as the final authority. Nothing of its kind has been recorded before.”

Baba also had another poem ready for Kenmore:

“It is the law of love divine
that you must wither, you must pine;
that you must suffer, but not whine,
speak no words and write no line,
if you long for Valentine!”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, p. 5665.

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