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When Meher Baba was in seclusion, he had to be very careful getting into the car when he went out to contact masts or when visiting places with the women, to avoid anyone coming to him and taking darshan. When Baba was about to leave Panchgani on October 28th, (1941) at noon, a God-mad Hindu called Jagannath, who was singing loudly, started walking toward Baba. Chanji prevented him, but Baba stood by the car waiting, and permitted the man to approach. As he came close to Baba he uttered, “You are the Avatar of Lord Vishnu! Pray, grant me the Lord’s boon!”

Baba smiled and motioned, “You are quite lucky! I know how immersed you are in your devotion for Lord Vishnu. My blessing to you.”

The man cried out, “My work is done!” He stood before Baba like a beggar, tears flowing down his face. Choking, in a shaking voice he uttered, “No one knows you are here! I saw you and recognized you at once.

“You are the Avatar of Vishnu! You, too, know me.”

Baba gestured, “I know everything. That is why I have come to you here.”

The man became elated and burst forth, “My life’s desire is fulfilled! Hail Lord Vishnu! … Hail Lord Vishnu!”

He bowed to Baba and then left. The same man had passed their houses on the day they had arrived from Meherabad. At that time, too, he had been singing and had seen Baba from a distance. Referring to Jagannath, Baba remarked, “He is on the threshold of the path and intensely longs for sight of God.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p. 2734.

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