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(Nov. 1955) Tomorrow, I will speak to you for five minutes and tell you about the gift of love. I am going to test who has understood love. I will see who is bold enough to deserve this gift. It matters not if what I am going to tell you to do, you are unable to do. If you feel you are not worthy of receiving it, do not worry. If you are not courageous enough, then how can I be so when I am in every one of you! Still, there is one remedy. At the time of death, if you remember me, you will come to me.

Gaya Prasad Khare said, “If we are conscious at the time, we can take your name.”

Baba explained:To have the consciousness of remembrance at that time, you should begin by remembering me from now on! I am taking my own name continuously. Similarly, you, too, should take my name constantly every moment. If you cannot do it while living, at least remember to take it at your dying moment! For you, this is the only remedy to free yourselves from all your bindings.

Does Vishnu (of Dhagwan, Hamirpur) know how many children he had during his last birth? You have forgotten how many times you have been born and how many times you had families! You have forgotten all this, but their bindings are still with you, and you are creating more bindings by forming new families. Only my name can free you from all this bondage!

It is mere talk to say that one is born and one is dead. All this is a passing show. It is just like the cinema film. For the time being, whatever is before our eyes, we see; as soon as it is not there, we forget. There is nothing like birth, death, form, father, mother, son, daughter. But you do not know anything of this story. You are in bondage! Only repetition of my name will suffice to free the whole world from its entanglements!

Sixty years after I drop my body, you will find what wonderful changes take place in the world and how many people will take my name. There will be thousands who will sacrifice their very life in my name! But how fortunate you are that I am in your midst, that you are sitting before me and I am telling you to take my name when about to pass away! There will be no one to tell them to take my name after sixty years.

When milk is being heated, it overflows the vessel when boiling. But when you begin boiling in my love, you should boil within and not overflow like milk for outward show.

Love is not a thing to be told or expressed to anyone. It is a secret to be kept.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4776 – 4777.

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