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A Love So Amazing – Memories of Meher Baba Bili Eaton The unplanned journey to God is the focal point of this memoir of meetings with Meher Baba and the impact they had on one wordly life. Bili Eaton’s, ‘A Love So Amazing’ is a joy to read, combining as it does the seriousness and the humour, the simplicity and the complexities – and the love – that characterise the spiritual search and make it life’s most adventuresome pursuit. 600
As Only God Can Love Darwin C. Shaw Darwin Shaw was Avatar Meher Baba’s long-time Western lover. This book is a brilliant compilation of how he came to take His Beloved as the very embodiment of Christ and other related stories and experiences over a span of more than 40 years with Avatar Meher Baba. 1,800
Avatar Meher Baba – His Life, His Messages and His Followers Ray Kerkhove A good, short compilation of Avatar Meher Baba’s Life, His Messages and information on His followers. A good introductory read for those who wish to know more about the life and times of Beloved Baba. 50
Avatar Meher Baba’s New Life Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha A short compilation of Beloved Baba’s stay at Benares (Varanasi) during His New Life. 20
Awakenings V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) In 2001, Bhau underwent a triple coronary operation. After an initial upbeat recovery, his spirits then plummeted into deeper abyss. But one night, Meher Baba came to him, conveying a message Bhau heard in his heart and later termed an ‘Awakening’. Herein are transcribed 85 of Bhau’s Awakenings. 800
Baba Loved Us Too Mehera J. Irani The Beloved’s beloved shares love stories of Meher Baba and His pets. 550
Beams from Meher Baba on the Spiritual Panorama Meher Baba One of the charms, as well as one of the liabilities, in any philosophic discourse is that it raises two new questions in answering one. While preparing Meher Baba’s ‘God Speaks’ for the printers, a number of such additional questions came to mind. Beloved Baba lovingly gave answers to these questions and Dr. C.D. Deshmukh wove the material into its present form as a series of gem-like essays. The student of Meher Baba and His thought, as well as the student of the metaphysics of creation, will be rewarded by finding much new material in this work. 570
Beyond The Silence Nan Umrigar This book is a continuing account of people from all walks of life who are entering into Meher Baba’s ever-growing love fold. From the author of Sounds of Silence and its sequel Listening to the Silence. 350
Conversations with the Awakener Bal Natu Bal Natu was a member of Avatar Meher Baba’s mandali and in  this extraordinary book he shares with the readers a series of conversations – inner conversations with the Being he calls the Awakener, the universal God of many names. A recommended buy. 650
Discourses Meher Baba Meher Baba’s ‘Discourses’ throw the light of true knowledge on many of life’s most perplexing problems. Inspiring and practical, ‘Discourses’ provide an ever-fresh framework of spiritual perspective on the challenges of everyday life. As Meher Baba stated, “Words that proceed from the Source of Truth have real meaning.” The ‘Discourses’ bear eloquent testimony to that fact and will remain an incomparable companion for those seeking spiritual direction. A recommended buy. 200
Divine Drama – The Valiant Life of Charles B. Purdom Bob Mossman The book is a touching account of the one who first met Beloved Baba in the year 1931 in England and proceeded to write His first published biography in the year 1932. ”For 34 years Charles Purdom served the God-Man as only he could, recording the Master’s words and sharing with humanity the Word that he heard from the core of Meher Baba’s silence in his inner ear.” – NEW 1625
Donkin’s Diaries – Travels in India with Meher Baba 1939-1945 William Donkin “India played a great part in the war effort against Nazi Germany and we had to pay a price for that. The hardships we all experienced left their imprint: rationing of food, cloth and fuel, difficulties in travel, frequent black-outs, war drills, other inconveniences…they affected us all. Donkin’s Diaries gives us an inkling of how Beloved Baba was working behind the scenes in the conduct of the war, often giving hints in advance of events that would occur. The work He was doing with masts in seclusion at that time was reflected in world events, and it was a time of great upheaval.” – Extracted from the epilogue by Meherwan Jessawala. 2500
Dreaming of the Beloved Manija S. Irani Within these pages is a glorious and fanciful world: dreams of Meher Baba dreamt by His sister Mani S. Irani. As Mani writes in the preface, “the importance of such dreams lies in the fact that Meher Baba once said dreams of Him are different from other dreams because they contain His Presence”. Full of Mani’s imaginative command of language and wonderful twenty-four colour illustrations enliven the stories behind His dreams. 970
Eighty-two (82) Family Letters Manija S. Irani In this book, Mani combines vibrant language with an observant eye and a life-long association with the Avatar of the Age to paint an intimate picture of Meher Baba’s activities from 1956 to 1969. Written at Meher Baba’s direction and sent only after He had read and approved each one and often added a personal note of love, these letters answered the longing of Baba followers and lovers in the West. 550
Extracts from the Teachings of Meher Baba Dinshaw Karani A compilation of a few discourses as given by Meher Baba. 30
Flowing Conversations with the Awakener Bal Natu Last of the ‘Conversations with the Awakener’ series from Bal Natu. 750
Following Meher Baba – A Handbook for Baba lovers in the New Humanity Rick Chapman This book is a collection of thoughts about what transpires when a seeker happens to come into the orbit of the Love of the Ancient Once – God in human form as the Avatar, the Christ, the God-Man. What are the contours of the Divine Romance; which is the quickest, the easiest, and the most joyous path to Realisation? What can you expect of the Divine Beloved, and what might He expect of you? – NEW
Gift of God Arnavaz N. Dadachanji Arnavaz N. Dadachanji, a close and long-time lover of Avatar Meher Baba narrates her stories of love and obedience to her Master. 400
Gift of Love Compiled by Perin Jasumani Quotes and messages of Meher Baba. A good, succinct compilation. 50
Glimpses of the God-Man Vol. 1 Bal Natu In this book, the first volume of a projected series, Bal Natu traces the development of his growing closeness to the Master and gives the reader glimpses into the rigorous and compassionate way of Meher Baba with His disciples. This is a well researched account of His activities, on a year-by-year basis from 1943 to 1948. 520
Glimpses of the God–Man Vol. 4 Bal Natu The fourth volume of the series illustrates Meher Baba’s intense nine-month stay in Dehra Dun in 1953. 520
Glimpses of the God–Man Vol. 5 Bal Natu The fifth volume in the series narrates incidents from His glorious darshan tours in Hamirpur and Andhra in 1954. 520
Glimpses of the God–Man Vol. 6 Bal Natu The sixth volume covers the period from March 1954 to April 1955 which includes the Three Incredible Weeks at Meherabad, the Wadia Park Darshan at Ahmednagar and the 1954 Sahavas at Meherabad. 625
God Brother – Stories from my Childhood with Meher Baba Manija S. Irani God Brother is Mani Irani’s account of her childhood with Meher Baba, when even at that age He was the pivot point  of her life. Childhood stories they may be, but they carry with them deeper meaning and understanding that come with Mani’s long, close association with the Avatar of the Age. 1260
God of Science – The Scientific and Technological Advent of Avatar Meher Baba Harry Thomas This book is divided into various sections. There is Meher Baba’s words on science as well as numerous incidents involving a technological component as a vital part of the narrative and finally, several chapters detailing how Meher Baba’s life historically synchronised with numerous scientific and technological endeavours. 1250
God Speaks Meher Baba No other work has yet been published which takes the reader so deeply into the fundamental mechanics of life and the universe. ‘God Speaks’ is a minutely detailed description of the journey of the soul from the time of its creation until it has completed its functions in the evolution and involution of consciousness and has returned to the Over-Soul from which it originated. A recommended buy. 500
Growing up with God Sheela Kalchuri Fenster Growing up with God chronicles a unique time spent in the company of Avatar Meher Baba by a precocious young girl who first met Baba when she was less than a year old. With an extraordinarily vivid memory, Sheela recreates incidents and conversations from her years spent in the close company of Meher Baba and His mandali. Growing up with God gives a candid look at life behind the scenes with both the men and the women mandali. 1500
Hazrat Babajan Dr. A.G. Munsiff (Ghani) A concise compilation of the life and times of the great Perfect Master based on what Meher Baba had revealed about her. 50
He Gives the Ocean Najoo S. Kotwal A most touching story of the Kotwal family’s unconditional love and surrendrance to their Beloved Avatar Meher Baba that started from the year 1927 onwards. Brilliantly compiled and written. A must read. 1250
How a Master Works Ivy O. Duce In this autobiographical text, sparkling with intriguing anecdotes, an authentic teacher – Murshida – of Sufism examines the working methods of the great spiritual Master, Meher Baba. 1200
Infinite Intelligence Meher Baba This brilliant book plumbs the depths of esoteric truths never before revealed to humankind. This book’s theme is an ageless one, ever old and ever new: God, as Infinite Intelligence. 4500
Inner Travel to Sacred Places Robert Dreyfuss On September 1, 1965, Robert Dreyfuss flew from the United States to London. He then set out on a two-and-a-half month overland journey to India to attend a gathering called by his Master, Meher Baba. However on arrival, he discovered that the meeting had been cancelled – three days after he had left on his trip! The account of how he persisted against all odds to meet his Beloved is part of the author’s inspiring life story. 1500
Intimate Conversations with the Awakener Bal Natu One more gem in the series of ‘Conversations with the Awakener’ by Bal Natu. 560
Journey to God Girija Khilnani Journey to God is an emotional and spiritual story of the Khilnani family. Their close association with Meher Baba continues till today. 100
Just to Love Him Adi K. Irani It was Adi K. Irani’s role during a large part of his life to talk about his Master, Meher Baba. ‘Just to Love Him’ is a collection of the best of those public talks, all of which convey the vibrancy of Adi’s own conviction of Meher Baba as the Avatar of the Age. 800
Letters from the Mandali of Avatar Meher Baba – Vol. 1 and Vol.2 Compiled by Jim Mistry Behind the well documented areas of Meher Baba’s life and the great phases of His work is a vast treasure of correspondence between Him and His followers. Written by seven close disciples and containing varying degrees of Baba’s active participation, the letters appearing in this collection date from the 1950s onwards. 370 per volume
Life at its Best Meher Baba This is a collection of brief sayings and truths delivered by Baba on a visit to the U.S. in the 1950s. These pieces deal with such subjects as ‘Hypocrisy’, ‘The Binding Past’ and ‘Body and Food’. 450
Listen, Humanity Edited by D.E.Stevens Divided into three parts, Part 1 focuses on the 1955 Sahavas, Part 2 focuses on questions on Life and the Path and Part 3 focuses on the Avatarhood of Meher Baba. The entire contents of this volume have been approved by Meher Baba. A must buy and read. 70
Listening to the Silence Nan Umrigar In Listening to the Silence, Nan Umrigar shows how the Master works – only and absolutely – through the power of love. Her story now moves compellingly forward, interwoven with a collection of personal, heart-touching narrations of the wondrous experiences people have had – when they have opened their hearts to the Master – Meher Baba. 350
Lord Meher (set of 8 volumes) V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) The brilliant biography of Avatar Meher Baba written at His instance by His close disciple Bhau Kalchuri. This epic account is now available in an Indian edition of 8 volumes. A must buy and read for every lover of Meher Baba. 7000
Love Alone Prevails Kitty Davy Kitty Davy, Meher Baba’s long-time Western disciple shares the stories and experiences of her life with Beloved Baba. 1950
Meeting God In Human Form Rick Chapman The author met Meher Baba for the first time in the year 1966 at Meherazad. In his own words he says,” My recogntion of Him was not immediate – it took about twenty-four hours before the glow of His Avataric Radiance and the certainity of His Truth seeped through the veils of my preoccupation and made His significance known to me. Then I was caught, a fish securely on the hook, and before much time passed He drew me close within the orbit of His love. The story told here is a true story and it is told as truly as has been humanly possible.” A recommended read. 500
Meher Baba – The Awakener of the Age D.E. Stevens A wonderful book about the high points of Meher Baba’s life and philosophy and personalised in many instances by the author’s own experiences with his Beloved. 1000
Meher Baba – The Compassionate One Rick Chapman This small book provides an introduction to the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba. It offers a very brief life sketch together with some of the most potent and substantial of Meher Baba’s messages, a tiny sampling of what awaits the seeker who wants to know more about the pivotal spiritual figure of our age. A good introductory read. 350
Meher Baba – The Five Perfect Masters (Comic) AMBPPCT, Ahmednagar The story of Meher Baba and His five Perfect Masters in a comic book format. 120
Meher Baba Calling Meher Nazar Books Simple, illustrative quotes from Meher Baba on a variety of subjects of day-to-day concern. 30
Meher Baba on Inner Life Meher Era Publications The contents of this booklet are compiled from a series of articles  Meher Baba gave to  ‘Meher Messages,’ the first journal in the name of Meher Baba and for His Cause which reveals the fact that whether man knows it or not, there is for him only one aim in life and eventually he realises this when he consciously experiences his own eternal and infinite state of ‘I am God’. 30
Meher Baba on Love Meher Era Publications Originally published in 1966, this booklet consists of the expositions made by Avatar Meher Baba on the subject of ‘Love’ during the 1955 Sahavas held at Meherabad. A wonderful booklet on a very vital subject. 50
Meher Baba on the Problem of Sex and the Sanctity of Married Life Meher Era Publications A well compiled, easy to read booklet on a subject so vital and important for mankind where Meher Baba states clearly that freedom in this area is not characterised by either repression or indulgence but by the death of the lower self. 30
Meher Baba on War Meher Era Publications A collection of Meher Baba’s discourse on ‘The Origins and Effects of War’ along with other relevant messages. 50
Meher Baba’s New Life V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) A detailed and incisive account of Meher Baba’s New Life by Bhau Kalchuri. 1200
Meher Chalisa Manija S. Irani and Eruch B. Jessawala English translation of Keshav Narayan Nigam’s, ‘Meher Chalisa’ (Love Songs to Meher Baba). This book includes forty verses in praise of Meher Baba. 20
Mehera Beloved Books Whenever God comes on earth as Man, it is always the case that one person among His close ones plays a special role as His most important disciple. This is the role of the ‘Divine Counterpart’, the ‘Beloved’ of the Divine Beloved, whose love for Him is unique in its purity and its one-pointedness. This is the role of Sita, Radha, Mary and this time, of Mehera. This book provides a glimpse of Mehera, and through her, of Love Itself, personified in the form of Perfect Man, who in this age is known as Meher Baba. 5000
Mehera-Meher David Fenster This extraordinary 3 volume set is an enthralling biography of Avatar Meher Baba’s beloved Mehera. Extensively researched and lucidly written this epic account traces the life and times of Mehera with her Beloved Baba. A must buy and read. 3700
More Conversations with the Awakener Bal Natu One more gem in the series of ‘Conversations with the Awakener’ by Bal Natu. 450
Much Silence Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson Tom and Dorothy Hopkinson knew Meher Baba and have been his followers for many years. Their account of His Life and Work is crowned by a short outline of His views on love, sex  and marriage; on the ego; on the purpose of man’s life on earth; on what happens to us when we die; and on the pattern of evolution throughout all creation. A must read. 70
My Life Story with Avatar Meher Baba Keshav Narayan Nigam This book deals with the life of Keshava Narayan Nigam who was completely dedicated to Beloved Baba and who served Him until his last breadth. Nigam was an eminent advocate at Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. He was made editor of ‘Meher Pukar’ by Beloved Baba’s orders. He would translate Baba’s English circulars into Hindi and did much work in spreading Beloved Baba’s name and messages. 120
My Life with Meher Baba W.D. Kain An interesting and absorbing account of W.D. Kain’s life with Meher Baba. 65
Nectar for the Children V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) In the author’s own words,”In 1968, Beloved Baba told me that I should write a children’s book and include certain stories He had given me. And then I forgot. In 2002 I remembered the same and thought that it was my duty to fulfill His Wish and therefore have written these stories down. Most were told directly by Baba Himself. They are very good stories and because they are connected with God, children will be greatly benefited by them.” 440
Nowhere to Now Here Michael Da Costa From a profound lecture to intimate poetry and performance pieces which jump out of the page, waiting to be spoken, Michael Da Costa takes us along as travelling companions on the journey that we all eventually have to make if we are to find our divinely human Self. 560
Of Men and Meher Baba Amiya Kumar Hazra This book is the story of the dying patient and the most efficient doctor. The doctor here is Meher Baba and in order to avert the crisis of local and /or global annihilation will require the administering of proper medicines and proper intensive care that critically ailing humanity requires. The treatment of humanity’s recovery is to follow Meher Baba’s dictates. He is the divine physician and surgeon who alone can rescue mankind from sure and unavoidable collapse. 120
One Fine Thread – Talks about Meher Baba Kitty Davy This book is a collection of talks given by Kitty Davy between 1968 and 1990. It will come as no surprise that they are dedicated to the one subject that comprised the entire focus of her life, Avatar Meher Baba. These talks were given mainly at the Meher Spiritual Center, in Myrtle Beach, where Kitty lived from 1952 until her death in 1991 at age 100 – NEW 1300
Over the Years with Meher Baba Bill Le Page This book is based on several notes made by the author during his visit to Meherabad and Meherazad over the last 20 years. It comprises delightful Baba stories from the 1970s, the story of the Jessawala family, stories and anecdotes from the Life of Prophet Muhammad etc. Beloved Baba’s love and humour shine through the pages of this book. 60
Panj Pyare – The Five Favourite Sikh Lovers of Meher Baba D.V. Balakrishna Meher Pritam Singh Meher, Vir Inder Singh, Prof. Niranjan Singh, Prof. Joginder Singh and Dr. Daulat Singh were five Sikh lovers of Meher Baba. Their love for Beloved Baba despite the ordeals of life they underwent without a sigh, speaks volumes of their love and one-pointed devotion. No wonder, they were His Panj Pyare – His five favourite Sikhs. 30
Questions Meher Baba Answered Meher Era Publications The contents of this booklet have appeared in several Journals dedicated to Beloved Baba in the early years and include answers given by Beloved Baba to several questions put forth before Him. The answers to these questions would sure help us in leading a normal and natural life in accordance to His Will. 25
Revelations of Divinity Meher Era Publications This small booklet is a valuable collection of some of the most important, divine messages of Meher Baba including ‘The Highest of the High’, ‘The Universal Message’, ‘Come Unto Me’ and ‘I am the Goal and I am the Way’. 15
Sahavas in the Company of God Meher Era Publications A heart-warming account of the glorious Sahavas of 1955 at Meherabad. Meherjee Karkaria had aptly written to someone in the West, “Never before has Baba given so much to so many for so long.” 50
Sai Baba –  The Perfect Master Meher Era Publications The life story of the ‘Qutub-e-Irshad’, the head of the five Perfect Masters of the Age during the advent of Beloved Baba. Compiled from material taken from the writings of Dr. A.G Munsiff in Meher Baba Journal (1938-42) and from Lord Meher written by Bhau Kalchuri. 40
Seekers of Love Amiya Kumar Hazra and Keith Gunn Amiya Kumar Hazra had observed that there were many persons whose stories have yet to be told, and he wanted the stories to be saved for posterity before those persons passed from the earth. So his particular focus was on elderly Baba lovers of his acquaintance whose stories he knew would prove interesting to the Eastern and Western Baba communities. A good read. 300
Silent Teachings of Meher Baba – Discourses and Conversations Beloved Archives Inc This book is a compendium of discourses given by Meher Baba in the early thirties. In these discourses, Meher Baba shows the way towards direct work on oneself, points out the pitfalls on the spiritual path and provides means for a better understanding of the inner conditions that are indispensable on the pathway to God-realisation. 650
Some Results Don E. Stevens Don Stevens has finally set down on paper a wide variety of his own experiences in following Meher Baba. The meaning of companionship; the place of centers and groups, and their dangers and values; individual preoccupations; sex and celibacy – all are grist for Stevens’ mill as he lays out his account of how Meher Baba may use a particular person or set of circumstances to breach our most resistant natures and push us to change in the process. An interesting personal account of a longtime follower of Meher Baba and the co-editor of the book God Speaks. An interesting read. 480
Sounds of Silence Nan Umrigar The story of a racing jockey who showed his mother the way to Meher Baba and to happiness six years after his death. 350
Sparks from Meher Baba Delia Deleon  and Kitty Davy Sayings of Meher Baba selected from God Speaks, Listen Humanity, God to Man and Man to God, Beams, Life at its Best and the Awakener magazine. A wonderful compilation. 300
Sparks of the Truth – From dissertations of Meher Baba Dr. C.D. Deshmukh There are altogether 20 dissertations in this book. Those which have been grouped in Part 1 convey practical hints and guidance to the sadhakas or aspirants on the Path of Self-realisation. Part 2 deals in an abstract manner with the Eternal Truths concerning the nature of the soul and the meaning of life. Part 3 contains very valuable and instructive “Meher Baba Sayings.” 300
Still Dancing with Love Margaret Craske This is Margaret Craske’s response to demands for more original stories about Meher Baba, written in the same unique style that characterised her first book. Insight and intelligence, wit and love combine to present a memorable portrait of this famous dance teacher’s sixty years with the Avatar of the Age. 420
Tears of Joy Anna Khandale Compiled by Anna Khandale, this book provides an intimate account of the lives of three great souls i.e. Gustadji Hansotia, Kaikhushru Pleader and Krishna Nair. They had a deep spiritual connection with Beloved Baba. 60
That’s How It Was – Stories of Life with Meher Baba Eruch B. Jessawala Eruch Jessawala was a young man when he and his family went to live with Meher Baba. In the ensuing years, Eruch served his Master in many ways, talking to people, answering letters, serving as translator of Meher Baba’s gestures. From those years of intimacy now flows a seemingly endless supply of stories – some humorous, some serious, some with pointed messages. ‘That’s How It Was’ gathers up these treasures and dispenses them with the same flavour as a few hours on a Saturday afternoon in Meherazad Mandali Hall. A recommended buy. 1300
The Advancing Stream of Life Meher Era Publications A fine collection of discourses from books such as Beams from Meher Baba on the Spiritual Panorama, Listen Humanity, Life at its Best, God Speaks and Discourses. 30
The Beloved Naosherwan Anzar A pictorial biography of Avatar Meher Baba that illustrates His Life and Work. 1300
The Dance of Love Margaret Craske Margaret Craske was Avatar Meher Baba’s long-time Western lover. In this autobiography of her life with her Beloved, this celebrated dancer shares her stories and experiences. 420
The Divine Humanity of Meher Baba – Vol. 1 Bill Le Page Heart-warming stories of love and sacrifice of the Jessawala, Kerawala and Talati families with Beloved Baba. 375
The Divine Humanity of Meher Baba – Vol. 2 Bill Le Page A continuation of the above stories along with those of Ramchandra Gadekar and Bhagirath Tigri who were long -standing lovers of Meher Baba. 325
The Divine Humanity of Meher Baba – Vol. 3 Bill Le Page Delightful stories of Meherwan Jessawala, Gokaran and Urmilla Shrivastava, Kaikhushru Pleader and other long-standing lovers of Meher Baba. 100
The Everything and the Nothing Meher Baba Discourses given by Meher Baba from 1960-63, and may be said to be indications of the One Word of Truth that He will utter when He breaks His silence and manifests His Godhood to men. 100
The Glory of Meher Baba D.V. Balakrishna Meher This book is a detailed account of Meher Baba’s visits, stay and work in Karnataka, His spiritual work with the masts in Bangalore and particularly about the origin, abandonment and revival of His Universal Spiritual Centre at Byramangala. 200
The God-Man C.B. Purdom Completed by one of Meher Baba’s early western disciples in 1962, this book is the first authoritative biography of Meher Baba published with access to diaries by close disciples and to ‘living witnesses’. Purdom has written an account which celebrates with heart and mind the advent of Avatar Meher Baba. 1500
The God-Seeker, Lessons in Discipleship: Diaries of Minoo Kharas Beloved Archives Inc Minocher Kharas, known as Minoo, one of Avatar Meher Baba’s close disciples, declared at the end of his diaries that his life with the Master and his struggles against his own weaknesses are an ‘open book’. The diaries tell the compelling story of Minoo’s colourful life and his lessons in discipleship with Meher Baba. 1600
The Joyous Path – The Life of Avatar Meher Baba’s sister, Mani (Volume 1 & 2) Heather Nadel “To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing, in the world of forms, truth, love, purity and beauty – this is the sole game which has intrinsic and absolute worth” – Avatar Meher Baba.                                      Of all Meher Baba’s close disciples, few better lived these words than His sister, Mani S. Irani. And no companion of Mani’s could better recount her life, joyously lived in His service, than Heather Nadel, Mani’s longtime helper. Heather’s very words are permeated with the unique fragrance that Mani expressed. 6200
The Memoirs of a Zetetic – My Life with Meher Baba A.K. Hazra Amiya Kumar Hazra met Meher Baba at Guruprasad in December 1957. This is a most touching account of that meeting and indeed his entire life spent in Baba’s radiant love. 150
The Mystery of Life and Death Anna Khandale This book is a thought provoking presentation of the profound spiritual knowledge and insight as given by Meher Baba on the subject of Life and Death. 250
The Nothing and the Everything V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Of this book Beloved Baba told Bhauji, “This is an important book. I will give you ten percent of the Book I wrote in 1925 and 1926.” A must read. 1200
The Ocean of Love Delia DeLeon Delia DeLeon was Avatar Meher Baba’s long-time Western lover and this is an account of her life with Beloved Baba starting from 1931 onwards. 650
The Path of Love Meher Baba This book is a collection of Meher Baba’s teachings which covers the whole range of religious and spiritual ideas from basic theories about God and the nature of man to advice on how to conduct our daily lives on the spiritual path. 130
The Real Treasure – Vol. 1 Rustom Falahati Stories of how Meher Baba’s mandali imparted spiritual lessons to resident workers such as Rustom, through day-to-day work and ordinary situations. 100
The Real Treasure – Vol. II Rustom Falahati In this book the author narrates his experiences of how he applied the messages of the mandali to his life and how it helped him make Baba’s remembrance an integral part of his daily life. 100
The Real Treasure – Vol. III Rustom Falahati In this book the author not only brings out more stories conveying the Truth of Baba’s words as narrated by the mandali, but also that aspect of the mandali which reflects Beloved Baba in action. 100
The Real Treasure – Vol. IV Rustom Falahati In contnuation of this delightful series, the author reveals more stories about what Beloved Baba has said to the mandali and what they have narrated to us over the years.The focus he feels should be on the Mandali as Baba’s instruments. 100
The Real Treasure – Vol. V Rustom Falahati In this book the author narrates his experience of how he applied the messages of the mandali to his life and how it helped him make Baba’s remembrance an integral part of his daily life. 100
The Samadhi – Star of Infinity Bal Natu In a deeply heartfelt and thought-provoking meditation on the unique significance of Meher Baba’s Samadhi, Bal Natu shares his personal reflections and convictions on its special role in the Avatar’s advent. 720
The Secret of Sleep Meher Era Publications As Meher Baba says, ” Any attempt to give an explanation of sleep in purely physiological terms will be incomplete and misleading as well. A more profound interpretation is required to do justice to the real status of consciousness and its relation to body and soul.” 25
The Spiritual Training Programme V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) A book describing the Spiritual Training Programme of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust that began in 1973. A good guide for all those wishing to love and serve Meher Baba in accordance with His Wishes. 100
The Turning of the Key – Meher Baba in Australia Bill Le Page A wide-ranging memoir of Meher Baba and His Australia. This book is a wonderful addition to the existing memoirs of Meher Baba, rich in atmosphere and love, as the reader follows the 40-year growth of Baba’s influence in the land called ‘Down Under’. 1000
The Universal Oneness of Divine Love AMBPPCT, Ahmednagar This is a bouquet of simple and short sayings of Meher Baba that have been culled from His writings, given at different times and places. 30
The Wayfarers William Donkin The wonderful stories of Meher Baba’s work with the God-Intoxicated souls or ‘masts’ which characterised an important phase of His Work during this advent. 300
The Wonders of Silence Dr. G.S.N. Moorty The life story of Dr. G.S.N. Moorty with Meher Baba. 100
Three Talks on Meher Baba Francis Brabazon Talks given by Francis Brabazon, Avatar Meher Baba’s long-time Australian lover during the Great Darshan programme at Guruprasad, Poona in 1969, at Avatar’s Abode in Australia in 1969 and at Meher House, Sydney in the same year. 10
Treasures from the Meher Baba Journal Jane Barry Haynes ‘Treasures’ includes informal discourses, sayings and statements that had not appeared before. The material in this book has been extracted from the Meher Baba Journals, first printed in 1938 through 1942. 900
Unfading Flowers A.K. Hazra A wonderful collection of stories and experiences from the life of Amiya Kumar Hazra, that reveal Beloved Baba’s palpable or tangible manifestations in them. 120
Unlocking Secrets of Meher Baba’s Ringleader Gulabdas Nathubhai Panchal (1926-2001) Narrated by Smt. Nirmala Panchal This book captures the life and times of Shri Gulabdas Panchal with Meher Baba, as narrated by his wife Nirmala. 200
What is God Meher Era Publications Compiled from the Awakener magazine, The Silent Master Meher Baba and The Everything and the Nothing. 20
While the World Slept V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) In this wornderful book, Bhau Kalchuri recounts stories from his years as Meher Baba’s night watchman from 1953 to 1969. 850
Who is Meher Baba Meher Era Publications A short, well compiled booklet on the One who has not only silenced His mind, but was a personification of infinite silence, which contains the infinite question and the infinite answer. 50
Why Meher Baba is called the Avatar of the Age Meher Era Publications A short compilation on Beloved Baba’s Avatarhood published by the Meher Era Publications, Pune. 10
Words of Kabir and other Stories Sam Kerawala Translations of Kabir’s dohas in English and other Sufi stories from Avatar Meher Baba’s long-time Indian lover Sam Kerawala. 100


Amrutkan Anna Khandale Stories and teachings of Meher Baba in Marathi 30
Amrutmai Jeevan Anna Khandale Meher Baba’s explanations on topics like suffering, anger, death, married life etc. 130
Anandashru Madhe Meher Darshan Meher Era Publications A short compilation of Meher Baba’s darshan programmes held throughout India in Marathi. 5
Avahan – Priyatam Meher Babanche Kahi Sandesh Meher Era Publications A few messages of Meher Baba in Marathi. 10
Avatar Meher Baba – Sankshipt Parichay AMBPPCT, Ahmednagar Introduction to Avatar Meher Baba in the Marathi language. 10
Avatarachi Samadhi Anna Khandale The importance of Meher Baba’s samadhi explained in Marathi. 25
Chandanachi Kaya Divya Premacha Sugandh Anna Khandale Avatar Meher Baba’s life and work written in Marathi. 30
Divyatvache Prakatikaran Meher Era Publications Marathi translation of the booklet, ‘Revelations of Divinity’. 25
Gulamgirit Prabhutva V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Marathi translation of the book, ‘Mastery in Servitude’. 20
Gyantarang M.R. Kantak Marathi translation of Avatar Meher Baba’s book ‘The Discourses’. 25
Hazrat Babajan A.G. Munsiff (Ghani) Marathi translation of the book, ‘Hazrat Babajan’. The story of one of the five Perfect Master’s of the Age. 10
Hitguj jagrutikarashi Bal Natu Marathi translation of the book, ‘Conversations with the Awakener’. 60
Ishwar Kay Ahe Meher Era Publications Marathi translation of the book, ‘Who is God’. 20
Ishwarachya Hastaksharat Meher Baba Marathi translation of Meher Baba’s book, ‘In God’s Hand’. 50
Ishwarachya Sahavasat K.V. Nene Stories from the 1955 Sahavas held in Meherabad 40
Jeevan va Mrutyuche Rahasya Anna Khandale A profound presentation of Meher Baba’s discourse on the subject of Life and Death, translated into Marathi. 40
Jeevanachya Sarvochyapadi M.R. Kantak Marathi translation of Meher Baba’s book, ‘Life at its Best’. 20
Krupecha Varshav Bal Natu Marathi translation of Bal Natu’s book ‘Showers of Grace’. This book consists of short stories of those Baba lovers who instantly fell in love with Him on meeting Him, after initially doubting His Real state. Printed by the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre 30
Meher Baba – Atma jagruti karnara vartaman jagatil Avatar Don E. Stevens Marathi translation of Don E. Steven’s, ‘Meher Baba – The Awakener of the Age’. Translated into Marathi by Dr. Digambar R. Gadekar 250
Meher Prabhu – vol. 1 and 2 V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Vol. 1 and 2 of the Marathi translation of Beloved Baba’s epic biography – Lord Meher. 375 per volume
Meher Prabhu – vol. 3 V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Vol. 3 of the Marathi translation of Beloved Baba’s epic biography – Lord Meher. 400
Meher Prabhu – vol. 4 V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Vol. 4 of the Marathi translation of Beloved Baba’s epic biography – Lord Meher 400
Meher Prabhu – vol. 5 V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Vol. 5 of the Marathi translation of Beloved Baba’s epic biography – Lord Meher 400
Meher Prabhu – Vol. 17 V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Vol. 17 of the Marathi translation of Beloved Baba’s epic biography – Lord Meher 400
Premavatar Meher Baba Dr. Meherjyoti Sangle This book is a compilation of articles published in a weekly titled, ‘Chetak Lokmat’, which was published from Pathardi, district Ahmednagar by Shri V.R. Bade. It’s objective was to bring before the common masses, the life and messages of Avatar Meher Baba. 170
Sadguru Sai Baba Meher Era Publications Marathi translation of the book, ‘Sai Baba – The Perfect Master’. The story of this great Qutub-e-Irshad and Beloved Baba’s Perfect Master. 20
Samadhi – Anantacha tara Bal Natu Marathi translation of the book, ‘Samadhi – The Star of Infinity’. 45
Samagra Meher Mela – Avatar Meher Babanche adhyatmavar lekh va sandesh Prabhuji Pophale A good compilation of Meher Baba’s messages and discourses along with the inspiring life story of Adv. D.H. Pophale who had the great fortune of taking Beloved Baba’s darshan on several occassions. 120
Sambhavami Yugay Yugay A.N. Soman Avatar Meher Baba’s life and work written in Marathi. A brilliant compilation. 200
Sampoorna Meher Geetdhara Meher Era Publications A complete compilation of Madhusudan Pund’s bhajans in Hindi and Marathi along with anecdotes and stories. A must buy. 130
Sarvakahi ani Kahichnahi Meher Era Publications Marathi translation of the book, ‘The Everything and the Nothing’. 20
Satyacha Shodhat Meher Era Publications The goal and purpose of life written in Marathi and well explained. 5
Swatantra, Samata, Vishwabandhutva ani Meher Baba M.R. Kantak Meher Baba’s expositions as interpreted by the author on the subject of Freedom and Universal Brotherhood. 10


Adhyatmik Prashikshan Karyakram V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Hindi translation of the author’s book, ‘The Spiritual Training Program’. 100
Akhanda Jyoti Meher Baba Hindi translation of Meher Baba’s book, ‘Discourses’. 210
Apar Chaitanya V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Hindi translation of the book, ‘The Nothing and the Everything’. 100
Asli Khajana – Vol. 1 Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Hindi translation of Rustom Falahati’s book, ‘The Real Treasure – Vol. 1.’ 100
Asli Khajana – Vol. 2 Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Hindi translation of Rustom Falahati’s book, ‘The Real Treasure – Vol. 2.’ 100
Asli Khajana – Vol. 3 Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Hindi translation of Rustom Falahati’s book, ‘The Real Treasure – Vol. 3.’ 100
Avatar Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Hindi translation of Jean Adriel’s book, ‘Avatar’. 130
Avatar Meher Baba – Life Circulars Keshav Narayan Nigam A Hindi collection of all Life circulars issued by Beloved Baba. 20
Avatar Meher Baba kay sath meri jeevan gatha Keshav Narayan Nigam Hindi translation of the author’s book, ‘My Life Story with Avatar Meher Baba’. 100
Avatar Meher Baba ki nai zindagi Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Hindi translation of Beloved Baba’s stay at Benares (Varanasi) during His New Life. 20
Divyatam Jeevan Meher Baba Hindi translation of the book, ‘Life at its Best’. 35
Hamara Nirantar Sathi Bal Natu Hindi translation of Bal Natu’s book, ‘Our Constant Companion’. – NEW 200
Ish Bhrata Manija S. Irani Hindi translation of the book, ‘God Brother’, Manija Irani’s account of her life with her God and brother Meher Baba. 60
Ishwar Ke Hathon Say Meher Baba Hindi translation of the book, ‘In God’s Hand’. 50
Ishwar Wani Meher Baba Hindi translation of the book, ‘God Speaks’. 300
Jagrutikar kay sath vartalap Bal Natu Hindi translation of the book, ‘Conversations with the Awakener’. 50
Jeevan Rahasya Anna Khandale Hindi translation of extracts taken from God Speaks and other works of Meher Baba. 40
Karunasagar Meher Baba Anna Khandale Avatar Meher Baba’s life sketch in Hindi 40
Meher Baba japun tumhara nam Anna Khandale A compendium of bhajans written by Shri Bhau Kalchuri 15
Meher Chalisa Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Meher Chalisa as composed by Shri Keshav Narayan Nigam along with prayers given by Beloved Baba and aartis. A useful, short compilation. 10
Meher Darshan V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Avatar Meher Baba’s life story (1894-1969) in verse. 250
Meherabad Chalo aur Jab Duniya Nidra main hai V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Meherabad Chalo’ is a play written by the author concerning three characters i.e. Love, Music and the Universe and through it Meher Baba’s message of Universal Love gets conveyed very effectively. Part 2 is the Hindi translation of the book, ‘While the World Slept”, written by the same author. 70
Pathik V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Hindi translation of the epic, ‘The Wayfarers’ 300
Puratan Purush Dr. Meherjyoti Kulshreshtha Hindi translation of the book, ‘The Ancient One’, which recounts Eruch B. Jessawala’s life story with Meher Baba. 120
Sab Milkay Gavo Anna Khandale Collection of Meher Chalisa and other bhajans in remembrance of Meher Baba. 20
Sabkuch aur kuch nahi V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau) Hindi translation of the book, ‘The Everything and the Nothing’. 250


Avatar Meher Baba nu Jeevan Charitra Rajnikant Mistry Avatar Meher Baba’s biography written in Gujarati, including His key messages and discourses. An excellent read. 250
Ishwar Vani Meher Baba Gujarati translation of the book, ‘God Speaks’ by Rajnikant Mistry. 300
Meher Saad AMBPPCT, Ahmednagar Gujarati translation of the book, ‘Meher Baba Calling’. 15


Arti and Prayers A.M.B Bombay Centre Audio C.D of Prayers and artis of Beloved Baba 50
Avatar Meher Baba Beyond Words (English) Louis van Gasteren Avatar Meher Baba Beyond Words, gives us the most beautiful and intimate close-ups of Baba at Meherazad. Of truly historic importance, it is the only existing colour film in which we hear Eruch interpreting Baba’s exquisite hand gestures as He shares a series of beautiful messages. 120
Avatar Meher Baba Beyond Words (Hindi) Louis van Gasteren Same as above 120
Ek Gumshuda Ki Talaash (Hindi) AMB Bombay Centre Stage play depicting Avatar Meher Baba’s unique work and relationship with Mahatma Gandhi, including their first meeting aboard the S.S. Rajputana in 1931 – NEW 80
God in Human Form (English) Peter Nordin Avatar Meher Baba’s life and work in English in a VCD format. 50
God in Human Form (Hindi) Peter Nordin Avatar Meher Baba’s life and work in Hindi in a VCD format. 50
God in Human Form (Persian) Peter Nordin Avatar Meher Baba’s life and work in Persian in a DVD format. 100
God Speaks (English) Dr. Hoshang Bharucha A simple, lucid explanation by Hoshang Bharucha on Meher Baba’s epic ‘God Speaks’. Available in an audio CD format. 130
God Speaks (Hindi) Dr. Hoshang Bharucha A simple, lucid explanation by Hoshang Bharucha on Meher Baba’s epic ‘God Speaks’. Available in an audio CD format. 130
‘In Search of God’ – Part 1 to 9 (Drama Series in Hindi) A.M.B. Bombay Centre VCDs/DVDs of the drama series by the same name, that captures the life and work of Avatar Meher Baba through the medium of theatre and presented by the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre from the year 2001 to 2010. 80 per part
Meher Chalisa (Hindi) Keshav Narayan Nigam Audio CD version of Meher Chalisa recorded by the later Erico Nadel and sung by Keshav Narayan Nigam himself. Shri Nigam was a very close lover of Meher Baba from Hamirpur. 40
Meher Geet Dhara – Part 1 and 2 (Hindi) Madhusudan Pund A wonderful collection of Bhajans sung by Madhusudan Pund who had the great fortune of singing before Beloved Baba. Also contains Meher Baba’s aartis and ‘The Song of the New Life’ sung by Namdeo Solhapure. 100
Photoframes Homz Prints Various different framed and laminated photographs of Beloved Baba. 40
Photoframes Homz Prints Various different framed and laminated photographs of Beloved Baba. 55
Samadhi Songs (English) Ted Judson Audio CD of songs sung by Ted Judson, a long-time resident of Meherabad, during aarti time at Beloved Baba’s samadhi – NEW 80
Samadhi – The House of the Lord (English) Michael Le Page A VCD on pilgrimage to Meher Baba’s Samadhi 200
The Avatarhood of Meher Baba’ – (Drama series in Hindi)                                      Parts-1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. A.M.B. Bombay Centre DVDs of a new drama series started by the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre in the year 2011. Part 1 focusses on His early life with His Perfect Masters, Part 2 on the Manzil-e-Meem days in Bombay in the early twenties and Part 3 on His travels throughout India in the forties by rail and car for the sake of His work. Part 4 of the series focuses on Meher Baba’s monumental work with the masts and Part 5 on the, ‘Role of Nightwatch in Meher Baba’s Universal Work’. – NEW 80 per part
The Ghazals He Liked (Hindi) Pratap Ahir Audio CD collection of Ghazals that were sung before Beloved Baba and were liked by Him as well. Each Ghazal is preceded by a brief explanation in English. 125
You Alone Exist (English) Peter Nordeen A beautiful film, carved out of a prayer by the same name and given by Meher Baba to Bhau Kalchuri, with some unsusal descriptions of God. 100


Avatar Meher Baba – An Introduction (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre Introduction to the life and teachings of Avatar Meher Baba in English. 20
Avatar Meher Baba – An Introduction (Marathi) A.M.B. Bombay Centre Introduction to the life and teachings of Avatar Meher Baba and translated in the Marathi language. 20
Avatar Meher Baba – His work with the Divinely Intoxicated (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre This book reveals the spiritual status of God-intoxicatd souls called Masts and Beloved Baba’s work with them. 30
Baba’s Bombay Connection- A Chronicle (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre This interesting compilation is a factual account of Avatar Meher Baba’s various visits, work and connection with the city of Mumbai beginning the year 1914 to 1959. Published on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre on 25th February 2012. 150
Golden Jubilee Brochure of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre A historical account of the last 50 years of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre and how the Centre came into existence by the express permission of the Beloved Himself on 25th February 1962. Published on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre on 25th February 2012. 20
My Master and His Teaching (English) Dr. C.D. Deshmukh Dr. C.D. Deshmukh’s masterly compilation and explanation of Beloved Baba’s words. First published in the year 1936 and reprinted by the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre in the year 2015 – NEW 70
Samadhi (English) Homiar Mistry and A.M.B. Bombay Centre A remarkable coffee-table book of pictures taken of Beloved Baba’s samadhi and its surroundings with a concise explanation of each picture as well. – NEW 4800
Sheriarji – The Matchless One (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre A concise compilation of the life of the man responsible for delivering the ‘Deliverer’ to the world. Referring to His father Baba said on several ocassions,’There is no match for My father, no match for him in the whole wide world. He is matchless. That is why I chose to be born to him.’ 20
Shireenmai – The Queen of Beauty (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre A chronicle of the woman responsible for delivering the ‘Deliverer’ to the world. Referring to his mother Baba had mentioned, ‘She helped so much in My work…She played her part well…she was an exceedingly adventurous woman’. 20
The Avatarhood of Meher Baba (English) A.M.B. Bombay Centre This book comprises of declarations of Perfect Masters and other spiritual personalities on Meher Baba’s Avatarhood. 70

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