Baba did not wish to see anyone during his four-day stay in Delhi. But when those of his close ones expressed their anxiety to meet him, he agreed to see them for five minutes on the last day of his visit. And so on November 21st (1953), a few of Baba’s close lovers gathered at Kain’s home at 2:30 P.M. They included Principal Niranjan Singh and his wife, Professor Jagindar Singh and his wife, Lala Tehlram, Harjiwan Lal and family, Dhar, Ganjoo, Hakumat Rai, Trilok Singh, Sajaj Singh, Wing Commander Dadi Mehta, Mohan Lal Sharma, Kusum Mohkam Singh and other close lovers. It was a lighthearted occasion. Baba first asked each about his health, and joked back and forth with each one.

A principal of a college, Niranjan Singh requested that Baba give a special message for students, and Baba replied in a joking manner, “When I was in the toilet (at 7:45 A.M.), I thought of you and felt certain you would ask for a message. So in accordance with your scientific mind I dictated a message, and another one also.”

Baba directed Eruch to read out the message “Material and Spiritual Science” that he dictated at 7:45 A.M.:

Just as God is infinite, imagination is also infinite, and all that has come out of imagination, which is called the shadow of God, and that imagination is also infinite. We can imagine anything and everything ad infinitum.

Science, as is understood today, deals with energy and matter. This material science is in the domain of the mind. There is also spiritual science, which deals with the beyond-mind state. Material science and spiritual science both yield proofs and demonstrations. Material science brings results through intellect, spiritual science through love. When love is experienced fully, the source of the spiritual science, God the Infinite is realized and then all else is found to be just illusionary phenomena.

Spiritual science, being based on love alone and being beyond the systematic mental understanding, is full of apparent ups and downs and contradictions and vagaries, which love alone can face and overcome. This is because material science enhances the ego-life, whereas spiritual science annihilates it.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, pp. 4242 – 4243.