Arriving in Surat the following day, (November 12, 1923) the Master went to the bazaar near the railway station accompanied by Adi, Ghani, Gustadji and Ramjoo. On the way back, he spotted a Hindu boy of about eighteen in a pitiable condition. The boy was shivering in the cold. At Baba’s request, Ramjoo inquired and found that the boy had come from Wadala seeking employment in Surat, but had fallen ill and was now penniless. Baba then directed one of the mandali to take the boy to a nearby restaurant, where he was fed to his heart’s content. A railway ticket to Wadala was purchased for the boy, and Baba handed it to him, instructing him to return to his parents and recuperate. Baba and the mandali then re-boarded the train for Ahmedabad.

The Master’s decision to pass through the bazaar was a divine pretext for encountering this destitute youth and to rescue him. Witnessing this incident, the mandali were deeply touched and impressed by Meher Baba’s spontaneous love, mercy and omniscient care for even a stranger.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, p. 574.