Early in the morning, on October 5th (1922), Meher Baba told the men he had not slept that night due to a noise in the backyard. He described the peculiar noise: “It was as if someone were leveling the ground with a heavy roller.” Then he explained that it was a ghost: “This spirit is always with me, wherever I go. He is one of the ghosts whom Arjun saw outside the hut at Poona. Upasni Maharaj has put him in my charge. Some of you may see this spirit. If it happens, don’t be afraid of him and don’t be afraid to move about in the Manzil during the night.”

Once while Ghani was massaging his legs at night, Baba further explained about ghosts, and why he had his body rubbed: “The physical contact of a human being with my body keeps the spirit world away from me for the time being and thereby enables me to snatch a little rest. My sleep is not the sleep of ordinary human beings; it is a sort of mental rest from my spiritual working. A spirit always accompanies me wherever I go and in whatever I do.”

During some nights, in his room upstairs, Baba was heard uttering, “They are beating and torturing me!” However, this was not in reference to ghosts but to his previous statements (which he had not explained) that he would have to “suffer at the hands of so-called yogis, sadhus and mahatmas.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 2, p. 417.