About spirituality Baba stated:

It is better to study it, than to be ignorant of it; better to feel it than to study it; better to experience it than to feel it; and best of all to become it!

Baba then explained about the third eye:

When the eyes are turned inward in full consciousness, then this eye (pointing to the center of his forehead) opens, and then only the internal is seen. This is insight. Union is then sought.

Now you long for union, but without seeing the One with whom you want to be united. When the eyes turn inward and this eye opens, you see the One you long for, and long still more ardently for union.

Turning the eyes inward cannot be done mechanically. It is impossible to do so by exercise. However, it is done in less than a second by the Master. You see the Self. Everything turns different!

Mary Backett asked, “You once said that everything was illusion until one reaches the seventh plane and attains full union with God. Why do we have to bother with the intermediate planes?”

In reply, Baba dictated, “Union is real, but one has to pass through the planes, even if it is for a second. When a Sadguru or the Avatar wishes, he can raise you to the seventh plane in a second, but still in that second you have to pass through the whole six planes.

“The soul thinks that each plane is the end as each is so alluring. There is no desire to go further. Garrett Fort says he would like to stay forever near the Taj Mahal; it is so beautiful. The first plane is like that. And unless a Master helps you, you can go no further.”

After further explanation, Baba’s dictation ended and he asked one of the group, “Is it clear?”

The person answered, “No. I get all confused when you discourse like this.”

Baba smiled, spelling out, “Love Baba! That is all you need to do. The fun of it all is you are already united. It is funny. But you have to go through it – you have to, everybody has to. You have to know, ‘I am already one with the Infinite, I have always been infinite.’ “

Malcolm Schloss asked Baba, “How can we go beyond becoming and get to pure being?”

Baba replied, “You want to know how to realize the Self. Very cute. He asks the only thing that matters!

“Becoming is the state of not knowing – ignorance; (Footnote: The state of original ignorance, or the infinite unconsciousness of the soul, “not knowing,” is described in The Nothing and the Everything, pages 307-317.) being is Realization – Knowledge. Unless one is imprisoned, one cannot appreciate freedom. A fish born in water lives in water. It cannot realize water. When it comes out of water it goes back into water and knows the water.”

Nadine Tolstoy said, “Then we should bless everything, even our difficulties, shouldn’t we?”

“Bless everything, even the sweets and lemon soufflé!” This concluded Baba’s meeting with the Westerners on March 4th.(1937).

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 6, pp. 2122 – 2123.