After tea on Sunday, January 4th, (1931) Baba desired to play a game of atya-patya and went to his Jhopdi to change clothes. When he returned, he found that the men had not started preparations for the game – sides had not been chosen, nor had the lines on the playing field been drawn. The mandali’s negligence caused Baba to become extremely annoyed, and he reprimanded them:

It is a painful fact that neither do you care for me, nor for my instructions. I am being worshiped by the angels, walis and pirs, but, you my mandali, your behavior toward me is one of complete indifference.

The other day when Adi Sr. had been to the wali in Nasik, the wali told him, “Your Master is the real Emperor before whom we are mere dogs!” The wali used such words for describing me; whereas you, my mandali, pay no attention to my directions. I had clearly expressed my wish to play atya-patya, and it was your duty to prepare for it. But you have not lifted a finger. How painful this is to me and what a pity it is!

Remember this well:

A day will come when you, one and all, will break your heads and shed tears of blood and repent to the heavens for your indifference.

When you recognize me and come to know fully who I really am, you will feel sorry for yourselves and realize how grossly negligent you were in following my dictates and caring for my words.

Although I now pardon you and your mistake is forgiven, it is not befitting to be so careless. It is not really your mistake but my luck. The same thing happens with every Avatar. He remains unknown in his lifetime, but after he gives up his body, the whole world weeps in repentance for the great loss they have to sustain. Your time of weeping will also come!

Lord Meher, Original Publications, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1351 – 1352.