THE TWO NEW RULES came into effect and, according to the second rule, on April 24th, (1924) Meher Baba bowed down to Padri for not following his instructions. Nervous happened to be standing by and, to tease him, Baba bowed to him also. But Nervous took it seriously and, weeping, was on the brink of leaving Meherabad. Baba tried to console him, saying, “I bowed to you of my own accord and not for any default on your part. There is nothing for you to object to.” But Nervous remained adamant and, though willing to adhere to all of the Master’s other instructions, he was obstinate on leaving Meherabad, continuing to weep. So Baba exempted Nervous from the second rule, but this did not appease him and he remained firm in his resolve to leave.

At last Baba permitted Nervous to go and offered him train fare, which he refused. Baba then asked, “How will you travel without money?”

Nervous pointed to the gold buttons on his shirt, implying that he would sell them, and Baba ripped them off! Then Baba said, “You can go on two conditions. One is that you beg for your food and the other is that you do not borrow or steal.”

Nervous accepted these conditions and was about to leave when Baba added, “Wherever you go, I will follow.” Nervous started to leave Meherabad, and Baba followed him along the road. He began running and Baba, too, began running. After some distance, Nervous started laughing and returned along with Baba.

After Nervous calmed down, Baba asked him, “Why were you so dramatic?”

However, Nervous said, “When I had not become angry or spoken harshly with anyone, why did you touch my feet?”

Baba replied, “I did so because of some fault in you. Had I not touched your feet, how could you or others have known you had shortcomings? Had there been no offense, you could have remained quiet, considering it to be my wish. Although you have faults, you thought yourself faultless. I had to show you that you were not so.”

Then looking at each man, he said, “Although you are faultless, still you are at fault – but I will free all of you from your weaknesses. So always listen to me and remember to carry out whatever I say.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 2, p.620.