On Sunday, February 27th, 1965, Kaikobad’s eldest daughter, Meheru, died on Meherabad Hill after suffering very severe burns in a cooking fire accident. She was forty-four. While dying, Baba’s name was continuously on her lips. Baba remarked, “Meheru has come to me and is freed forever from the rounds of births and deaths.”

Kaikobad was in Meherazad and did not go to Meherabad. So Baba sent Eruch to console his family. Kaikobad’s wife, Jerbai, was elated that Kaikobad had not come. Jerbai said, “I was afraid he would leave Baba’s work to come. I am glad that he did not. Why should we worry when Meheru has gone to Baba? This is an example of how Baba’s love and truth lived in his close lovers. Neither parent was saddened by the passing of their daughter.

Meheru was burried on Meherabad Hill, and afterwards, on March 3rd, (1965) Baba called Jerbai, her two daughters, Gulu and Jalu, to Meherazad. Mansari, who seldom left the hill, accompanied them. Baba assured Jerbai, “Your faith and courage have made me very happy.” The mandali too were impressed by Jerbai’s surrenderance to Baba’s will.

The family told Baba, “Meheru actually saw your physical presence by her bedside before her death, and you called out to us, telling us that you had been with her and that she would now go to you! She then repeated your name until the end.”

Baba remarked, “She is blessed and now rests in eternal bliss in me. She will not take another birth.”

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 19, pp. 6317 – 6318.