(November 1923) The Master, with Ghani, Gustadji, and Ramjoo, left for Lonavla by train. At the Bombay station, Ghani’s father happened to be waiting for the same train on the platform, and it proved an awkward moment because Baba’s journey was to be kept secret. With tact, before the old man had seen Baba, Ramjoo led him into another compartment far away from the group.

Baba and Gustadji detrained at Khandala so those in Lonavla would not know of his arrival. He instructed Ghani and Ramjoo to continue to Lonavla and to bring a car back for him. Ghani and Ramjoo borrowed Abdul Tayab’s car, and told the gardener to clean the bungalow at Valvan. They then proceeded to Khandala and halfway there met Baba and Gustadji coming on foot to Lonavla. They all drove to the bungalow, but on the way, Dr. Bhiwalkar happened to notice them; Baba had the car stop and sternly told Dr. Bhiwalkar not to inform anyone about his arrival in Lonavla.

Baba stayed in Valvan and inspected different proposed sites for his seclusion, but did not approve of any. Finally, after finding a place that satisfied him, he said, “If this bungalow can be given free for a month or two, I will remain here in seclusion; but neither Ghani, Ramjoo, nor anyone else should come to me. Only Gustadji will be with me.”

Abdul Tayab went to Bombay to persuade the bungalow’s owner to loan it free of charge; meanwhile, Baba expressed his wish to return to Ahmednagar. Ghani complained to him, “Your constant changes frighten me. Why don’t you chalk out a definite plan and then stick to it?”

Baba replied, “The very fact of these frequent changes is testimony to my being changeless. My plans are always definite, and there is no room for the slightest deviation. What you see as change is the very body of a fixed plan – an inseparable part of a definite plan!”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol.2, 580 – 581.