(1942) Gaimai began doing the cooking for the women, along with her daughters, Meheru and Manu. She had the habit of adding sugar to add flavor to the food, and she added some to Baba’s food. One day, someone complained, and Baba sent for her and for Eruch. He asked Gaimai, “Tell me the truth: do you put sugar in my food?”

“Yes, Baba,” she replied.

Turning to Eruch, he asked, “What sort of mother has God given you? Who in their right mind puts sugar in rice and dal?”

Eruch asked her, “Mother, why do you add sugar to Baba’s food? It will affect his health.”

Gaimai apologized and said, “I will never put it in again.”

“Swear to me!” Baba gestured.

So Gaimai swore and Baba made her repeat the oath ten or twelve times. He then said, “Now listen carefully to me. Go on cooking as you are doing, adding the same amount of sugar. But don’t tell anyone. I tell you now that I like the food you prepare.”

Gaimai stared at Baba, incredulous. He instructed her, “Why think about your promise now? Your oath consists in doing as I tell you. The first oath was for not putting in sugar, and the second is for putting it in.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, pp. 2794 – 2795.