On April 25th, (1952) Baba answered questions, explaining various things, among them¬†miracles:¬†“Why should we produce petty imitation illusions in the already created mighty infinite illusion? Unless absolutely necessary for the spiritual purpose of a general collective drawing of mankind toward Self-Realization, miracles performed unnaturally or supernaturally can interfere with God’s ordained evolutionary process.”

“What about healing?” someone asked.

“Real healing is spiritual healing, whereby the soul, becoming free from desires, doubts and hallucinations, enjoys the eternal bliss of God. Untimely physical healing might retard the spiritual healing. If borne willingly, physical and mental suffering can make one worthy of receiving spiritual healing. Consider mental and physical suffering as gifts from God, which, if accepted gracefully, lead to everlasting happiness.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 3782 – 3783.