Baba was to leave for Guruprasad the next day. (April 30, 1958). He instructed his close ones that they should depart for Poona by the luxury bus, and he would follow by car with both mandali. The next morning, they went to the bus stand, where they happened to find an empty taxicab. Sadashiv said if they went by taxi, they would arrive in Poona before Baba. Meherjee agreed, but Khorshed and Deshmukh reminded them of Baba’s advice to travel by bus. Sadashiv was still in favor of going by taxi, and in the end they left in one.

Baba left Mahabaleshwar by car for Poona, and on the way spotted the slow-moving taxi. He arrived at Guruprasad, where he waited for the others, but they did not show up. Baba frequently asked about them, and at last they arrived. The taxi had broken down on the way. They had had to stand in the hot sun for hours, but the taxi could not be repaired. It was towed to Poona by a gasoline tanker, where it arrived seven hours late. Baba remarked to them, “I had told you to travel by bus. Why did you go by taxi? Because of your lack of attention to my instruction, you had to unnecessarily undergo this hardship.

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