(May 1958) Do persons on the spiritual planes of consciousness take birth having consciousness of the same plane? Yes, but the emergence of consciousness is very gradual, as when a person of gross consciousness dies and is reborn with consciousness of the gross world. The child gradually becomes aware, as it grows older, of the same old gross world according to past experiences of the gross. A child born with consciousness of a certain plane is not all at once conscious of the plane. The plane unfolds very gradually as the child gradually grows. Later in life this child, grown up as a man, gets established in the life of his respective plane of consciousness, as a man of the gross world gets established in his worldly life.

Thus, a person of the gross world dies to reincarnate conscious of the gross world. So also a person of the particular plane of consciousness reincarnates conscious of that respective plane of consciousness of his previous life. He may or may not make further progress in the planes of higher consciousness. Progress will depend on the help of a spiritual guide of a higher plane, or the grace of the Perfect Master, or on his own efforts in the life of that particular plane of consciousness.

As I said the other day, the gross, subtle, mental spheres and God are all in you, in your human form. Do not try to find them in some other world. They are in you. It is the vision of consciousness that gives you the experience of other worlds.

In the gross world, the whole cosmos exists; also in the subtle and the mental worlds there are innumerable experiences. But the experiences you have of the gross world are different from those in the subtle world. You yourself do not change; all is in you. You do not go to “geographically” higher levels. As the angle of vision of consciousness changes, your high experience changes.

In the end you experience yourself as God which, in the ultimate experience, is the real experience. All other experiences of the gross, subtle and mental worlds are illusion. So are all the states of heaven, hell, limbo [astral], planes, and so forth. Do not seek them anywhere but within you. Eventually to become your own Self, you have to love me. There is no other solution.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5429 – 5430.