On February 13th, (1927) while discoursing about the mind, sanskaras and the manner in which they work Baba explained:

The process of spending old sanskaras and creating new ones applies to ordinary people, the masses of humanity. For those members of his circle, however, the Sadguru stops this creation of new sanskaras and gradually destroys the old ones. And when all the sanskaras are wiped away, Realization is immediately given.

The working of the minds of the members of a Sadguru’s circle is like a wheel turning in only one direction for the wiping off process; the working of the minds of other human beings is like a wheel turning first in one direction and then in the other, like the balance wheel of a watch or clock. In short, the total destruction of sanskaras, old and new, enables one to be ready for Realization.

As far as Realized beings are concerned, it is only those who come down after Realization for duty to the universe who understand and realize the workings of the world and the mind. Compared to ordinary persons it is the same as a child who is given a mirror. What does the child do? He looks into it, and being quite ignorant and unconscious of his own image, strives to strike the other face of the person in the mirror.

Now a grown-up adult, whose senses are much more developed, would never behave like that. He would see the image of his own face in the mirror and would realize and understand that the self-image is reflected only because of the mirror, and that the image is false and himself real – existing. It is the same with those who are Realized and have come back down to the world for the sake of duty to the universe; to them you are all like children.

Baba drew a sketch portraying the manner in which the minds of ordinary people work (turn) in comparison to the minds of a Perfect Master’s circle members.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 910 – 911.