Initially, after he quit writing,(January 2, 1927) when Meher Baba wished to express himself, he would pick up a newspaper and point to the appropriate letters or words. But as this method was found to be cumbersome and time consuming, Chanji typed the English alphabet in
capital letters on a piece of paper which Baba began using. This being too small, Pendu suggested to Vishnu to make a larger chart of the alphabet for Baba to dictate from.

The chart was first printed in block letters on paper, then later on cardboard, and eventually the alphabet was painted on a small wooden board. Baba began using the board from January 7th, 1927, and according to his wish, the numbers 1 to 0 were added. Through this alphabet board, Baba silently began speaking once again. Baba’s fingers would move so speedily over the letters that there was no break in his conversation. As he once remarked,

“The world is dancing every moment
to the signs of my fingers.”

[Baba’s beloved Mehera was born on January 07, 1907]

Lord Meher,  Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 896.