On Saturday, January 1st, 1927, a year and a half after the Master began his silence, he wrote this message: “I intend to stop writing from tomorrow. It is not definite when I will resume writing or speaking. I may start again after some days, some months or even some years. It all depends on Hazrat Babajan.”

Baba received many New Year’s greeting cards…

From the 2nd of January, Baba ceased writing completely and began conveying his thoughts and feelings through hand gestures or by pointing to different English alphabet letters in the newspaper. Up to this time, because of Baba’s animated nature, the mandali had almost
forgotten that he was silent, but when Baba stopped writing, they became keenly aware of it once again.

The Gujarati arti was performed at nine that evening. From then on, Baba gave permission for it to be sung every evening. He fasted and did not eat or drink anything the whole day.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 894.