Leaving Manmad that evening, Baba arrived in Badnera on the morning of December 20th, (1952) where he was met by Pendu, Deshmukh and Meherjee. There Baba wanted to contact a certain mast named Kali Kambliwala, with whom he had worked several times before. But when the mast saw Baba’s black car approaching, he became highly irritated. Later it was learned that he had a great aversion to anything black. In a fit of anger he burst out, “I will blow you all away with a machine gun!”

Baba, with Meherjee and Pendu, slowly approached him, and by then the mast’s frenzy had subsided. Baba spent an hour with him, pressing his feet. In cryptic fashion, Kali Kambliwala asked, “Why do you wear these red socks and black coat; use a sherwani (long coat with a closed neck). Throw away these socks and coat.”

“Should I give these to you?” Baba inquired.


“To the poor?”

“No. But don’t keep them with you either; they may harm you.” Kali Kambliwala warned.

Baba instructed Meherjee to bundle up the socks and coat and put them somewhere until the time of mass darshan. Baba handed the mast some money, but he asked for round, silver four-anna pieces. Baba gave him sixteen of the coins. He was also given dried fruit, but expressed a desire only for raisins.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 4012 – 4013.