Baba’s DeSoto Car

Meherazad, Beloved Baba’s home, has a new surprise to delight the hearts of His pilgrims. Baba’s DeSoto car is now on display for all His lovers to see and enjoy.

In 1960, Arnavaz and Nariman Dadachanji, presented Baba with a special gift: they wrapped a huge red ribbon around the bonnet of an imported 1956 model DeSoto car and had it driven to Meherazad for His sixty-sixth birthday.

Beloved Baba standing by the DeSoto car with Eruch, at Guruprasad.
(Still frame from Baba’s Family Films, courtesy Sheriar Foundation.)
Homa, Arnavaz’s brother, was the lucky driver who drove it from Bombay to Meherazad. And when he drove through the green gates of Meherazad, as hoped, Baba was not only surprised but happily so. Nariman and Arnavaz were naturally thrilled to see Baba’s pleasure. They told their beloved Lord that not only was the car their birthday gift to Him, but also the maintenance costs for its upkeep.
Beloved Baba sitting in the front seat of the DeSoto car.
(Still frame from Baba’s Family Films, courtesy Sheriar Foundation.)
Baba took a quick ride in the car with Homa driving and for many years the car was utilized by Him. After Baba dropped His body, the DeSoto continued to be used; for many years Mehera and the women mandali would be driven to Meherabad for arti, stepping out of this car to the joy of the surrounding pilgrims awaiting their arrival.
Mehera, waving goodbye from the window of the DeSoto as she left Meherabad.
(Photographer unknown, image courtesy Meheru R. Irani’s Photo Collection, AMBT Archives.)
In time it was retired so that it could be protected and preserved. Now His lovers can see this special car which carried the Avatar of the Age, His dearest Mehera, and many of the mandali as its passengers, on display at Meherazad.
 The car as it is housed for lovers to see, at Meherazad.
Pilgrims taking photographs of the car during their pilgrimage to Meherazad.
The DeSoto car on display at Meherazad.
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