It was nine o’clock on March 1st, 1954, when the meeting began in the Gurukul Hall at Rajahmundry. Several of the mandali and Andhra workers came after the meeting started. It was an important meeting, and Meher Baba’s explanations would serve as a beacon to pilgrims on the path for ages to come, giving them a true understanding of what real work for the Avatar consists of and what it means. Baba first handed everyone a cup of coffee to help them keep awake; and thereafter, in explaining about the significance of his darshan programs, stated:

Today is not a political or social meeting, but a meeting for the Divine Cause. This meeting reminds me of my previous meetings during my previous incarnations. It has never been truer than in the spiritual cause that history repeats itself. During those past periods, the circumstances were different, but the same God and the same Cause. The apostles, the ashabs, (1) who worked for my cause did it at the cost of everything, even life itself. I am just prefacing now. The real points will begin after the introduction is over. So listen very carefully.

The mass darshan programs at Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra, and the Deccan have been enough now. And I tell you as gospel truth with my divine authority that these programs, messages and addresses mean nothing on the spiritual path. My arti, my puja, garlanding me, bowing down to me mean absolutely nothing. From ages eternal, gods and angels have been doing my worship. So why all this unnecessary waste of money through garlands, fruits and offerings? What I want is real work done.

Baba then touched on the question of miracles, which in the East and the West had been attributed to him. Referring to the jeep accident, he revealed to Ranga Rao:

It was not I who saved you all. This meeting saved you. What I want to say is that by attributing these miracles, people make me very cheap and lower my status as the Highest of the High. But this I do say today, that the moment I break my silence and utter that Original Word, the first and last miracle of Baba in this life will have been performed. It will be a miracle as I have never performed. I will not raise the dead, but will make those who live for the world dead to the world and alive in God. I will not give sight to the blind, but will make those who see illusion blind to illusion, so that they can see God as the only Reality.

(1) An Arabic word, the ashabs were “the companions” of Prophet Mohammed. The term used for a single companion is sahabi. It also refers to those who fought in battle at the side of Mohammed. When the Prophet was about to pass on, it is said that 144,000 companions gathered to be witness at his death.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, p. 4351.