(Sept. 1931) Among the persons gathered to receive Meher Baba was an elderly man named Thomas Augustus Watson, who had come with his wife from America to stay at the retreat for two days. Mr. Watson was the scientist who had worked with Alexander Graham Bell in inventing the telephone, and since retired was searching for spiritual knowledge. (1) Upon entering the retreat and climbing the staircase to his room, Baba stopped for a moment and gently placed his hand on Watson’s head. Baba’s divine touch had such a deep effect on him that the old man wept like a child. From Baba’s gentle touch, his heart burst and overflowed with love.

Having observed similar incidents while on tour with Baba, Chanji took Mr. Watson into the library and made him sit down. Watson continued to weep for about fifteen minutes and then became quiet. His eyes filled with tears and he asked softly, “How long have you been with him?”

“For seven years,” replied Chanji.

Hearing this, Watson placed his hand in a fatherly way on Chanji’s back and said, “My son, do you realize how fortunate you are to have been living in such close contact with such a great personality?”

“Yes sir, I do consider myself fortunate,” Chanji answered. “It is his grace that I am near him.”

After a few moments of silence, Watson revealed, “In my seventy-eight years of life, today is the first time I have experienced what divine love is. I have come to realize this with just a touch from Meher Baba.”

Chanji said, “Such a privilege is bestowed on very few.”

Without Watson’s asking, Baba had rocked the grounds of his being. Watson’s heart blossomed and he saw a new light – the light which dispels the darkness of ages.

It was wonderful how the Master’s work was manifesting. He was forging a link with Watson for a plan which, up to now, he had not revealed. Baba was planning on going to America from England and Watson was to be his medium for setting it up. This is why Watson felt compelled to travel all the way to England just to meet Meher Baba.

(1)  Thomas Augustus Watson assisted Alexander Graham Bell during the experimental period of the telephone. Resigning from Bell Telephone Company in 1881, he formed a company to build engines and ships.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 4, p. 1415.