He (Baba) then went to see his brother Beheram. (November 1948)

Baba met his brothers Jal, Beheram and his family at their family’s home. Beheram’s three-year old twins, Rustom and Sohrab, were identical and Baba asked Perin, “Which is Sohrab and which is Rustom?” Perin could tell them apart, but Jal and Beheram could not. Baba asked her for a hint to distinguish them.

While having a domestic discussion, Beheram told a lie, which displeased Baba. “You’re lying even to me! It is not good to lie. Never speak falsely again, to me or to anyone else.”

Beheram acknowledged his mistake and sought Baba’s forgiveness. But the next moment, he thought: “Even Baba lies at times.”

Without asking what he was thinking, Baba smiled and spelled out to his younger brother: “I am God, and can do as I please. But you should do as I tell you.

“All this is my creation and for its good, I may do anything and everything. From that point of view, even my telling a lie is speaking the truth, because Truth can never lie.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, 3312 – 3313.