On January14th, 1921, the Hindu holiday Makarsankrant was celebrated at Sakori. Upasni Maharaj’s men and women disciples assembled and performed puja before him. Upasni sat naked except for his gunny sack while the women put their gold ornaments on his body. Later, many poor people from the neighboring villages came to share in the feast and Upasni distributed clothes to them. Afterward several of the poorest people were bathed, including the most destitute lepers. Meher Baba helped Upasni bathe them.

During this celebration, a Zoroastrian lady named Pilamai Hormuzd Irani of Karachi had come to Sakori for the first time. Pilamai had met Gulmai in Bombay, where the two women had become friends. She was suffering from severe mental depression and Gulmai believed Upasni could help Pilamai as he had helped her overcome her own alienation. At her suggestion, Pilamai brought her children and stayed in Sakori for a month.

One day Pilamai and Gulmai were sitting near Meher Baba, and he requested Gulmai to sit closer, saying, “I have something I want you to understand. Every Sadguru has a spiritual mother; Durgabai is Maharaj’s. Narayan Maharaj and Tajuddin Baba also have one. Similarly, all Perfect Masters have spiritual sisters too. Likewise, you are my spiritual mother and Pilamai is my spiritual sister; I have a past link with both of you since many lifetimes. I am telling you the fact that I am your son; and I am your brother, Pilamai. You are a most fortunate woman.”

Taken aback, Gulmai replied, “I know nothing about spiritual facts. I am not equal to even the dust under your feet. I am not worthy of anything spiritual. I am a simple woman – quite tired of life – with the one desire to stay near Upasni Maharaj always, to serve him and die at his feet.”

Meher Baba looked at her seriously and declared, “I am Maharaj and Maharaj is myself! Only the bodies are different. I am his son. Do as I tell you.” (Gulmai was ordered by Upasni to always bow to his wish, so she accepted what Meher Baba had declared.) Later he confided in her, “You and your whole family are dear to me, and there is a certainty of our staying together in the future. I want you to know that even if the whole world goes against me, you and your family won’t leave me.”

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 1, pp. 298 – 299.